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Planning a Valentine’s Day to Remember

memorable1Love is in the air and Valentine’s Day is just a couple of short weeks away. Over here at Albuquerque’s Premier Florist, we have worked day and night to get everything ready for the big day. Valentine’s Day is a special event that has been long celebrated in our country and others.

You may not realize where it came from or what it truly represents beyond a day to celebrate your love for your significant other. This blog post provides some history on Valentine’s Day and wraps up some of the ideas we have on offer for you!

The Origin of Valentine’s Day

By many, Valentine’s Day is regarded as the most romantic day of the year. While there are many stories as to how it originated, one specific story comes from a time when soldiers of the Roman Empire could not be wed.

memorable2Instead, Saint Valentinus performed weddings in secret and eventually, this landed him in jail. While his actions alone were both self-sacrificial and truly romantic, the story does not end with Valentinus’s imprisonment.

The legend goes onto say that, while imprisoned, Valentinus healed the daughter of his jailer and that before his execution he left her a message. The message that Valentinus left the daughter of his jailer is said to have said, “From your Valentine,” which served as his farewell.

While this love story ends in tragedy, it is often believed that the celebration of love had come from this very event. And, it was what started the celebration we know today of exchanging valentines and gifts with those we adore.memorable4

The Finest Selection on Valentine’s Day

Valentinus sacrificed everything in the name of love and gave his finest for his valentine. While you don’t have to give up your life, you are most likely expected to treat your loved one to something special that they will be sure to remember.

With our hand-selected, exquisite Ecuadorian Red Roses, you can offer the very finest of flowers in all of New Mexico. Our Ecuadorian Red Roses are truly something else. They have colored a breathtaking and vibrant red and always fresh — you absolutely cannot go wrong with this gift.

memorable3However, we don’t stop with just the quality of the plant. Quantity counts too! We do offer a dozen of these beauties, but then we go over the top by putting together a bouquet of 48 Ecuadorian Red Roses! Four dozen roses are sure to send the message of your love this Valentine’s Day!

Of course, we also have many other fine roses, floral arrangements, gifts, and more to suit every budget and make this a truly spectacular Valentine’s Day!