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Posted by peoplesflowers on June 4, 2018 Flowers

Pick This Up For Dad This Father’s Day

A friendly PSA from Peoples Flower Shops: Father’s Day is June 17, just a couple of weeks away. No pressure or anything, but you’re meant to get him a gift. We’re going to go out on a limb and say it should be a gift he is both surprised and delighted by. No small task, we know.

If you’re of the mind that you can’t give dad flowers for Father’s Day, think again. Who says they don’t enjoy something fresh, green and beautiful? Especially when it comes in such a fun container.

What we love about our Chevy Pick Up Bouquet is how modern and gorgeous it is. Though these flowers bloom from the bed of a vintage truck, the design itself is full of contemporary-looking ferns, sunflowers and other greens. It’s a handsome arrangement in a fresh, inviting palette that offers a sense of variety, seasonality and interest. The truck is just the cherry on top.

Wonderful spring and summer flowers in a pick up truck vase

Give dad some flowers this year and neither you nor he will disappointed. The truck makes a nice keepsake for a desk or dresser, and the flowers can be the highlight of your Father’s Day dinner celebration.