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floral design dayGlance back through the centuries, and you can see that artwork has always been used for communication, celebration, and to express the important aspects of the daily culture. The creation of art is as old as history itself, and the use of plants and flowers in those designs is timeless as well. While many people use natural products to paint with, or perhaps photograph landscapes of flowers as their subject – floral designers create their art using the flowers themselves as the medium.

floral design day

This idea of flowers as art has a following all its own. Carl Rittners was globally acclaimed as the man who brought this concept to our modern thinking. He founded Boston’s School of Floral Design, which teaches design techniques and methods for creating floral arrangements worthy of critical acclaim. The love and appreciation of the discipline showcased through the school, students, and teachers prompted the mayor of Massachusetts to create National Floral Design Day. February 28th is now a time to celebrate both the history, and the future of floral design. Rittners would love that his passion lives on through this holiday.

floral design day

As Albuquerque’s leading florist, People’s Flowers believes that every day is a great day for flowers. But certainly Floral Design Day is the perfect occasion to order a bouquet that is unique and compelling. Challenge the floral designers at People’s to come up with a masterpiece that would compare with the most beautiful painting or photograph. Flowers have an inspirational aura; let one of our designs adorn your space and bring some happiness to your home or office. Contact us today for your one of a kind creation!



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