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Mother-in-Law Day is Sunday, October 27th

Sunflowers, Safflower, Millett, Mums, and China Berry are in abundance in this beautiful Autumn floral.

While mother-in-laws often get a bad rap, most are loving and provide an additional avenue of support for the family, offering advice, guidance, and even babysitting services! With that positive thought in mind, they, too, deserve a special day all to their own in recognition of all the good things they do.

This blog post provides a brief background on the origin of this special October celebration and offers up some great ideas for the mother-in-law in your life who you appreciate.

Origins of Mother-in-Law Day

The special day is really a recent creation, having been started in 2002 to recognize an often forgotten family member. While it is not known who actually started Mother-in-Law Day, it could well be the brain child of the greeting card companies.

However it happened, Mother-in-Law Day is always celebrated on the fourth Sunday of October and provides a way to show some love to your other mom.

Gift Ideas for Mother-in-Law Day

Just like Mother’s Day, similar gift ideas apply for that special mother-in-law in your life. Here are some of our ideas available on our online store and in our Albuquerque flower shop locations:

In addition to these gift categories, we also offer stuffed animals, balloons, and greeting cards to complete your Mother-in-Law Day gift. Our Albuquerque flower shops can deliver locally the same day and on Mother-in-Law Day plus we can deliver anywhere in the United States thanks to our network of preferred flower shop partners.

Don’t delay! Get your order in now for that special mother-in-law in your life! You are sure to win some bonus points from being so thoughtful!