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Posted by peoplesflowers on March 18, 2014 Flowers

March 20th Means First Day of Spring and Proposal Day

gerberap1March 20th brings the first day of Spring commonly known as the Spring Equinox along with another day you may not have heard of before known as Proposal Day. For both occasions, one of the best ways to celebrate is with flowers.

Proposal Day

Although the origins of Proposal Day appear to be somewhat of a mystery, what is known about this special day is that it offers up an opportunity to make a proposal to that person you now know should be your partner for your life. If you were still unsure about it at Valentine’s Day or Christmas, this is the day to do it.gerberap2

Along with the jewelry that comes with such a proposal, a nice touch would be to include a stunning spring flower bouquet or a spring flower arrangement. Of course, we can even supply rose petals to use during your romantic marriage proposal. Just let us know what you would like that would make it that much more special and our floral design team can create it for you!

Spring: Renewal and Rejuvenation

Spring is known as the season of renewal as it brings animals out of hibernation and offers up new flowers and greenery as part of the rebirth. Easter is also part of this season, which often represents rebirth and renewal as well. The weather is often becoming nicer and many parts of the country go through daylight savings time, which means more lightness and brightness.friendshipp1

To celebrate this feeling of newness and opportunity, it’s the perfect time to add some spring flowers to your home or office as well as gift to someone you love during a spring birthday, spring anniversary, or spring welcome baby event.

Our spring flower collection offers everything that is beautiful about spring, including favorites like tulips, sunflowers, roses, lilacs and carnations. This spring flower arrangements can also be used for special spring events as spring flower centerpieces, including baby showers and bridal showers or other types of parties. As part of our custom flower design options, we can also create something special for any special person or occasion.thanksp3

Our spring wedding season is also in full swing with many spring bridal bouquets, ceremony and reception flowers, and cake flowers already on order for some of our most well known Albuquerque wedding venues.

Now is the time to get in the mood with spring by picking up your own spring  flowers to enjoy!