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Posted by peoplesflowers on February 12, 2018 Flowers

Make It A Month Of Creative Romance

Here at Peoples Flower Shops, we’re enjoying everything that February brings, and that’s a lot, considering that it ushers in both Valentine’s Day and is also officially designated “Creative Romance Month.”

How can you be creative in your romance? Well, we’ll leave much of that up to you, but when it comes to planning your flower gifts, you’ll want to simply think outside of the box a bit. Go for flowers that make a sentimental statement, but free yourself from believing they have to be red roses to count.

There’s no reason to hold back during this month that is totally devoted to love. Pick a piece that is lush, pink and fragrant, like ourĀ Forever In Love bouquet. We see a design like this as creative because it makes use of so many flowers and blends them beautifully, with an eye to color and texture. There’s so much detail and nuance in an arrangement like this that you can’t help but stare into it over and over.

We think being creative in romance entails having a bit of fun, too. If you offer your special someone something unexpected and beautiful, you’ll go a long way to celebrating your feelings for them in the sense that you still have the ability to surprise and captivate them.