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Posted by apothos on October 3, 2014 | Last Updated: December 10, 2021 Flowers

Homecoming is Here! Get Your Flowers Ready!

In the hustle and bustle to get everything ready for homecoming, the last thing you’ll want to do is forget about the flowers! Make sure to leave some room in your homecoming budget to present your date with a beautiful floral wristlet, armband or boutonniere. Whether you choose to accessorize your wardrobe, give a symbolic gift or show pride in your school is up to you. Peoples Flowers can help you decide the best way to choose flowers for you and your date!

Flowers as an Accessory to Your Wardrobe

Most people choose to use flowers as a stylish accent to their homecoming finery. Peoples Flowers offers a wide variety of flower colors that will make your outfit pop. If you don’t see the precise shade you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to bring us a sample of your wardrobe colors. We’re happy to help you find a flower to match!

If you aren’t sure what colors you or your date will be wearing, you can always choose flowers in a color that will go with anything. Delicate white orchids or sweet white rosebuds will complement any outfit you choose.

Homecoming Flowers with Meaning

Symbolic flowers are a great way to express your thoughts and feelings to your homecoming date. Carnations, for instance, have several meanings depending on the colors you choose. White carnations represent good luck and purity, while reds show your admiration and affection.

Roses are another meaningful selection. Deep reds say “I love you” like no other flower. Pink roses are the picture of elegance, grace and beauty, while yellows and oranges convey joy, friendship and passion.

Show Your School Spirit

For anyone who wants to display a little bit of school spirit, flowers in your school colors are a fantastic choice. We can create wristlets and boutonnieres in any number of colors and styles. If your school uses colors that are hard to find in the flower world, such as green, black, silver or gold, there are several stylish ways to work those colors into any homecoming flower arrangement.

With lush foliage, it’s easy to add green into any corsage, armband or boutonniere. For blacks, choose tasteful ribbons and bows or unique black faux foliage. You can use ribbon or metallic accents to add splashes of silver and gold to your flowers.

Homecoming is one of the most special times of the year, and you can make it even more memorable with a thoughtful gift of flowers for your date. Let Peoples Flowers create dazzling corsages and boutonnieres to accent your attire or express exactly how you feel on this special day!