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The History And Flowers for Sweetest Day

Couples, families, and friends in the Midwestern United States take the third Saturday of October each year to celebrate The Sweetest Day with treats, gifts, and romantic deeds. For 2014, The Sweetest Day falls on October 18th.

Who First Celebrated The Sweetest Day?

A group of business owners in the candy industry in Cleveland, Ohio got together in the early 1920s to create “The Sweetest Day in the Year.” They hired silent movie stars of the era, like Theda Bara, to help publicize the event.

Around the same time, residents in New York City made similar efforts with the establishment of Candy Day. A story in “The New York Times” went even further with the idea and declared a “Sweetest Week” that would begin on October 10, 1937.

Today, the holiday is most popular in a variety of Midwestern locales like Detroit, Michigan and Cleveland, Ohio. The Sweetest Day also makes an appearance around the rest of the country as couples use the day to add a little sweetness and fun to an early autumn weekend.

Candies for The Sweetest Day

Just about any candy will do for The Sweetest Day, but chocolate is a particularly welcome gift for just about anyone who would love something sweet on this candy-themed day. To make the day extra-special, you might choose a piece of candy made at a specialty candy store or created in the gourmet tradition of candy making.

Perhaps some delectable Belgian chocolate covered pretzels drizzled in delicious white, milk, and dark chocolate swirls will impress your sweetie. Is your significant other an apple lover? Maybe an almond lover’s caramel apple will add just the right touch of sugar and flavor to The Sweetest Day.

Completing the Day with Flowers

In the years since the holiday was first publicized, The Sweetest Day has come to represent a celebration of all things sweet and nice. Flowers are the perfect companion to chocolates, candies, and little tokens of love.

As the universal symbol of love in the flower world, roses are one of the best ways to show a loved one how you feel. You may choose a dozen roses for your gift or perhaps some gorgeous pink roses for a little twist on the traditional red rose.

If you’re taking your loved one out for a special date on The Sweetest Day, a small bud vase of three roses is an option for a gift on-the-go. An amazingly lush vase of 48 roses is also an unforgettable way to showcase the sweetness of the special day.

Celebrate The Sweetest Day this year on October 18th with flowers and candy that show your love and affection.