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Posted by peoplesflowers on November 9, 2015 Flowers

Giving Flowers to Celebrate World Peace Day

There are few causes with more widespread and universal appeal than the desire for world peace, and World Peace Day is an ideal time to set forth intentions for a harmonious planet. World Peace Day is a holiday that’s growing in popularity and will be celebrated on November 17 this year by concerned citizens all around the globe.

A Lofty Yet Attainable Ideal

While some think wanting a planet that is free from violence and discrimination is a lofty ideal, every caring and conscientious human being holds out hope that it is possible. We long for the day when war machines are retired and armies re-routed to put their energy toward building communities, not destroying them.

Flowers have been a symbol of peace and goodwill for centuries, and they are an ideal way to convey your solidarity with the World Peace Holiday and the positive intentions around it. Some of the top flower types to send for World Peace Day include:

Peace-Inspiring Lilies

Stately lilies symbolize rebirth and renewal and naturally exude a peaceful energy. From the trumpet-like calla lilies to the gentle Asiatic species to the more exotic stargazer lilies, they are an ideal flower to convey your wishes for world peace.

In addition to lilies in cut bouquets, a blooming green plant is another beautiful way to send the energy of peace to friends, loved ones and co-workers. The Spathiphyllum plant’s nickname is the Peace Lily, and it blooms white lilies regularly amidst attractive shiny deep-green leaves.

Colorful Blooms in Mixed Bouquets

While lilies are a potent symbol for peace, the truth is that just about any colorful mixed bouquet can convey a positive sentiment of peace for humanity. Flowers naturally radiate a peaceful aura, and you can’t go wrong with choices like roses, tulips, daisies, sunflowers and orchids.

Ultimately, we are all part of the human family, and race and background do not define who we are at our core. When a majority of us tap into an awareness of the oneness of all life, it will literally not be possible to harm another, for we will know that doing so would be like harming ourselves.

Consider sending flowers to celebrate World Peace Day this year and spread awareness about this important November holiday. While every day should be World Peace Day, you can mark the moment this November 17 by sending a floral gift from Peoples Flowers.