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Posted by peoplesflowers on February 19, 2018 Flowers

Giving Flowers And Plants That Matter

Not every occasion calls for an exact flower design—sure, we have poinsettias at Christmas, tulips for spring and roses for Valentine’s Day, but at People’s Flower Shops, we know that there are a dozen meaningful flower exchanges that are personal to the people involved for every one of those expected flower exchanges. And sometimes, it’s these that are our favorite. We love to see how people style the transactions unique to them.

When you want flowers and plant gifts to really matter, you pick something unique to the occasion and the person involved. Even if you’re creating that occasion yourself, or if it’s just a complete surprise gift, you get to choose from all of the categories we offer here at Peoples

The stories we hear about what people are giving and why remind us that flowers are not reserved for the biggest and splashiest events; they are also there at our first prom, on the last day of school on the teacher’s desk, in a secret admirer gift. The reasons for giving flowers are manifold, and we embrace them all, helping you to find that perfect gift no matter what the occasion is, and in an effort to make it matter.