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Posted by peoplesflowers on August 30, 2017 | Last Updated: August 31, 2017 Flowers

Wearing Formal Flowers for the Homecoming Dance

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Though many things have changed over the years, we still love our traditions. At high schools and universities across Albuquerque, one of our longest standing traditions is being planned – homecoming weekend is coming soon!  Whether your school celebrates with bonfires, parades, or football games, there is one custom that is beloved across the board – the homecoming dance!

Formal flowers – which include corsages, boutonnieres, and nosegays – hold a special place in these traditions. Whether to adorn the homecoming court, or to impress your date for the big dance, Peoples Flowers has the floral designs you’ll need to complete your look. Although the corsage has long been a part of the homecoming tradition, in recent years the customary design has undergone a significant change. The word corsage is actually a French word which also means bodice, which indicates where on the dress the flowers were to be pinned. However, in recent years the wrist corsage, or “wristlet”, has become far more popular.

The wristlet is a cross between a bracelet and a corsage. The bracelet is made of a decorative band, and fresh flowers are attached.  Although traditional flowers for these designs include roses, orchids and carnations, you can ask for virtually any in-season flower to create a uniquely beautiful corsage for your dance. The floral designers at Peoples Flowers have the expertise and creativity to provide you with flowers that will turn heads and make memories. formal flowers Formal flowers also include boutonnieres, which originated as an offshoot of the corsage. When a young lady wore a corsage in Victorian times, she would pluck a stem from her bouquet to give to her sweetheart. Their matching flowers indicated their love. To this day, the corsages and boutonnieres of a couple attending the dance together match in color and design.

Peoples Flowers offers uniquely beautiful wrist corsages, pin-on corsages and boutonnieres for all of your homecoming festivities. No matter the occasion, you can be assured that your formal flowers will complete your look in striking fashion.