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Posted by peoplesflowers on March 12, 2018 Flowers

A Flower Design Just For Spring

There are many things to look forward to this spring but one of our favorites here at Peoples Flowers is, well, the flowers. Shocker, we know. There are so many traditional blooms associated with this time of year, some of them blooming strictly from the garden and others easily fresh cut and put into designs. We love them all—crocus, hyacinth, lilac, tulip—you name it, and if we can get our hands on it, we’ll work it into something special to celebrate the season.

One of the most inspiring features of spring is that it brings renewal and growth; there’s the idea that we’re supposed to experience a sense of rebirth in the spring, of things starting anew. It’s easy to suggest that in a floral design when you’re working with a rainbow of flowers that skimp on nothing—not color, texture or scent. OurĀ Splendor is a great example of what this looks like.

Holiday Splendor Floral Bouquet

Rose, daisy, tulip . . . They’re all here in the most vivid of colors. A piece like this goes to the table or the desk and conveys its energy to everyone in the vicinity. It’s just a happy bouquet (and one of our most popular) and can work for a variety of occasions. But when it comes to suggesting the splendor of spring, it’s definitely our top choice.