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Posted by peoplesflowers on May 25, 2016 | Last Updated: October 19, 2020 Flowers

Enjoy a Tropical Summer with Exotic Flowers and Plants

exotic flowersBecause sub-tropical climates are characterized by high humidity and heavy summer rainfall, no one in Albuquerque can claim that we live in the tropics. After all, our weather is much more temperate, and we like it that way. That being said, our awesome summer weather, with sunny days and blue skies, is perfect for turning our homes, porches and decks into tropical paradises.

Although many of these flowers originate in the tropics and on exotic islands, you don’t have to travel far to surround yourself with this amazing beauty – the vivid colors, the intoxicating aromas, and the unique shapes combine for truly special floral arrangements, all available at Peoples Flower Shops.

exotic flowers exotic flowers

For instance, the brilliant birds of paradise represent all things tropical, and immediately change your space from boring to botanical! With bold geometric shapes and fiery hue, these plants are true ambassadors of the rain forest. The bright red of anthurium or ginger; the neon yellows and greens of the protea or Fuji mum; and the regal purple of the dendrobium orchid will inspire that island vibe right here at home – all you need to do is add the sound of a waterfall and drift away.

exotic flowersFor more permanent décor, especially out of doors, the bromeliad plant is an excellent choice. This potted plant is quintessentially tropical, yet long-lasting and easy to care for. In colors that range from red to orange to yellow, these beauties do a wonderful job or giving any backyard space the look of the tropics. Scatter them around a patio or porch, or arrange various sizes and colors on staggered shelving – intersperse some succulents for an authentic, warm weather ambiance.

Peoples Flower Shops is dedicated to helping you to create a beautiful space this summer, with gorgeous cut flower bouquets, floral arrangements or potted flowering plants. Stop in or browse our site to see our wide assortment of unique choices – then bring your very own tropical oasis home.