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Posted by peoplesflowers on April 4, 2016 | Last Updated: September 9, 2020 Flowers

Enjoy Colorful Daisies for April

daisiesSpring has arrived in Albuquerque, and we are glad to see it! It is no surprise that the daisy is the official flower of April – it’s the sunny disposition and a cheerful message is perfect for this new season. Even its appearance reminds us of sunny days. Ray flowers (petals) surround a bright center of small disk flowers; making the daisy a composite flower – that is, it is actually two separate flowers.


The daisy is a member of the second-largest family of flowering plants in the world, comprising nearly ten percent of all flowering plants on earth. Many daisies open their petals in the morning when the sunlight appears and shut them at night; this unique behavior probably inspired their name, which is derived from the Old English “daes eag” or “day’s eye”.


Did You Know? The leaves of the daisy are not only edible, they are exceptionally high in Vitamin C. Often used in salads, the daisy is also related to the herb echinacea, and other edible plants such as artichokes and endive.


The Gerbera daisy offers the same physical appearance of its white and gold cousin but in a wide range of bright, vivid colors. The gerbera is a favorite of floral designers; as this colorful flower makes a beautiful standalone arrangement that communicates joy, celebration, and whimsy. But the versatile gerbera blends very well with most other flowers, from wildflowers to exotic orchids; making it a wonderful flower to either showcase or use as a background color.


The meanings associated with the daisy are quite lovely – simplicity, modesty, innocence, and cheerfulness. With such warm and familiar connotations, the daisy makes a wonderful ambassador for April birthdays – or for any of your April occasions. Peoples Flowers is your one-stop floral shop in Albuquerque – call us today to arrange a bouquet for that someone special.