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Posted by peoplesflowers on March 26, 2018 Flowers

Easter Flowers That Bloom From A Basket

Easter is known just as much for its baskets as it is for what goes in them: a rainbow of dyed eggs after a hunt, chocolate bunnies and yellow Peeps. But Peoples Flower Shops has another idea when it comes to a bright, lively spring basket: filling it with flowers. A basket has long symbolized comfort and plenty, ever since ancient farmers brought their spring seedlings in baskets to be blessed in the hopes of a successful planting season.

We love the combination of flowers with baskets, which add a rustic, homey quality to even the most divine arrangement. And when we say divine, we mean something like ourĀ Albuquerque Easter Basket, which is full of the riches of spring. Here we’ve married pastel-colored seasonal flowers with decorative carrots, bunnies and eggs for a showstopping Easter-themed basket that will inject a lot of fun and beauty into your holiday.

Easter Basket decoration with spring flowers

Offer this as a gift to your Easter dinner or host, or if you’re hosting, use it as a decor piece on or around the holiday table. If you’re having a party or an egg hunt, or just setting up an Easter scene on the table, fresh spring flowers in a basket capture the mood and the spirit of both the holiday and the season.