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Designing Memorial Day Flowers

Memorial Day FlowersMemorial Day has been recognized since the year after the Civil War ended, named Decoration Day until it was named an official holiday in 1971.  If you would like to have flowers delivered to the loved ones of a fallen soldier – or send an appropriate floral arrangement to a gravesite – you can rely on the team at Peoples Flowers to design Memorial Day flowers that are both patriotic and poignant.

Poetic Flowers: After World War I, the holiday would be associated with the red poppy, thanks to a poem written by John McCrae, a soldier, and medic who wrote his verse to memorialize his experiences in battle. In Flanders Fields remembered the scene of red poppies growing among the soldier’s graves. “In Flanders fields, the poppies blow between the crosses, row on row…” The red poppy has endured as a lasting symbol of the day although, in modern times, a faux flower is usually passed out by churches and benevolent societies to be worn on a lapel.
Memorial Day FlowersChoosing Memorial Day Flowers: The red, white, and blue color palette of the American flag has deep meaning, and that meaning translates to the flowers we send. For instance, the color red is significant because it represents courage and passion, and red roses and carnations express those characteristics florally.  The color white denotes purity of heart, and gestures towards hope – and appropriate white flowers include roses, lilies, mums, and daisies. Finally, the color blue represents true-blue loyalty and can be represented by blue hydrangea, iris, or delphinium.

Memorial Day Flowers

Two Separate Observances: Many people confuse Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day, or think they celebrate the same thing. However, Veteran’s Day honors all those who have served, giving appreciation to those still living. Memorial Day is meant to remember those who died in the commission of their service. If you are looking to place across, grave spray (as seen above) wreath, urn, or cone on the gravesite, we will help you to design the perfect tribute.

You can trust the team at Peoples Flowers not only to design a beautiful memorial for your friends or loved ones but to deliver it with the utmost of respect and professionalism. Throughout Albuquerque, and throughout the year – we are your one-stop floral source.