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Posted by peoplesflowers on May 19, 2016 | Last Updated: October 19, 2020 Flowers

Decorating for Summer Outdoor Parties

outdoor partiesIt’s summer in Albuquerque. Although our summer yards may not look as lush as some across the country because of the climate, one thing is the same – we all love the beauty of the great outdoors. And summer is the time to relax, have fun, and enjoy the ones we love! We all have a different place to call home, and we all have different types of outdoor areas we like to use to get together with friends. So whether you have a backyard enclave or a little lanai, People’s Flowers is here to help you decorate in Albuquerque style.

Flowers are the perfect choice to transform any area quickly and easily. If you are having a picnic, add a bunch of sunflowers for a sunny touch. If the gathering is more formal, orchids are luxurious, elegant and hardy in the heat. If you have a lot of outdoor space to fill, design multiple seating areas with various chairs and vibrant pillows for comfort and color. Adorn each area with a basket of bright flowers that fits your color scheme – these baskets are the perfect way to decorate for our summer temps, as they can be easily moved from sun to shade, and even inside to make sure they stay long lastingly beautiful.

outdoor partiesIf you have a smaller patio or balcony, flowers are the ideal way to add vivid design. They easily blend into any color palette and can be showcased in any number of space-saving ways. From a trellis up against the wall to a baker’s rack overflowing with eclectic arrangements, flowers fit into any décor.

outdoor parties outdoor parties

Recently, wall hanging herb gardens have become very popular – utilize this same design with small desert blooms and cacti for a home-style motif that takes up little space.

Planning an outdoor gathering is as easy as calling some friends and family, mixing up the iced tea, and calling Peoples Flowers! Stop by today for the simple but beautiful ideas you need to transform your outdoor areas from plain to pretty – with flowers.