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Posted by peoplesflowers on February 20, 2013 Flowers

Celebrating the New Year with a Newborn

baby1No matter what day, week, or month it is, it is always baby season. These wonderful bundles of joy are always coming into people’s lives. It’s important to make sure the baby is welcomed properly when they arrive.

Of course, it is also important to offer a hand to the newborn’s mother so she knows that people are there for her. No matter the time of the year, it’s always a celebration when a baby is born.

Welcoming a Newborn

Babies are constantly observing the world around them from the time they first enter the world and as they grow. Babies never stop learning new things. It is a curiosity that overwhelms them because they are placed somewhere with so much to look at, listen to, and learn.

baby4Think of it like the first time you go and visit a foreign country. You are overwhelmed and consumed by the culture and the language and naturally are curious to learn more about it.

It is important that from birth the baby is exposed to good and loving conditions.

With our Noah’s Ark Newborn Basket, you can easily introduce the baby to love and warmth from birth. This deluxe gift basket comes with everything a newborn baby could need.

It includes six adorable stuffed animals ready to cuddle with the new baby and spread joy. There are also many baby necessities, including a bib, t-shirt, hat, baby bottle and bubble bath that are all included in the gift basket. What a great way to welcome the newest family member!

Don’t Forget Mom

Surely mom will have her hands full with the whole she just had a baby thing, but it is important for her to know that she is appreciated, so don’t forget to get a little something for mom, too. When shopping for a new mother, think about something she can enjoy after all that hard work of giving birth!baby2

baby3The Baby’s First Wagon arrangement is a great gift for mom and the baby. They will surely both enjoy the pleasant scent of fresh flowers and the easy on the eyes colors of beautiful flora. This arrangement is however purely for the girls because on the wagon the flowers are arranged in it says “It’s a Girl!”  

For those who are having a little boy, we have got something great for them too. Our Baby Boy Surprise bouquet makes the perfect gift. It has fresh cut flowers for mom, a Mylar balloon, and cute little plush bear for the baby.