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Posted by peoplesflowers on March 12, 2014 Flowers

Celebrate Plant a Flower Day in Albuquerque

feb3p4Plant a Flower Day is today — March 12th. It’s a great day to participate in a local Plant a Flower Day event or do your own event with friends or neighbors. You can also pick up some beautiful flowers today like daffodils that welcome spring and provide a bright and cheery reminder of how important flowers are to all of us.

Flowers are our business. We want them to be here for generations to come for all to enjoy. Part of our mission and guiding principles is sustaining our natural resources and being ecologically sound in how we work with flower farmers to sell flowers.jan20p3

Plant a Flower Day was created to remind everyone of the importance of flowers and how they should be here for generations to come. This means working with our flower farmer partners to ensure the best environmental practices and ongoing replenishment of the flower population across all varieties.

This means using ecologically sound planting, watering, and harvesting methods as well as educating our customers about the importance and value of creating their own gardens at home and throughout the community.fallp3

Throughout Albuquerque, protecting the environment and sustaining natural resources has been a key goal of the local government, organizations, and businesses that believe in being socially responsible. It is something that we have done long before it had a label. After all, we must grow and plant more in order to be able to offer our customers the quality and variety that we have become known for as a local Albuquerque florist.

At People’s Flower Shops, we focus on delivering the very best flowers, calling attention to the importance of sustainability and the environment, and helping ensure a future full of flowers for the next generations.

Today we have beautiful flowers to choose from if you plan on stopping in to buy flowers for yourself or for a loved one or even if you want to order online. This includes all the spring flowers that are so well loved like tulips, daffodils, and more. Come celebrate the beauty and value of flowers today, tomorrow, and every day!