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Boss’s Day is October 16th

This Wednesday is Boss’s Day. It’s a day set aside to praise your boss for the job that they do and the challenges they face. This blog post provides some background on how this celebratory day got started and offers you some great gift ideas from our vast selection of gifts that are great for the male or female boss in your life.

All about Boss’s Day

Boss’s Day is recognized each October 16th or the day closest to a work day if that date falls on a weekend.  The concept for this special day was first developed in 1958 by Patricia Bays Haroski who was an employee at an Illinois insurance company. She registered the holiday idea with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and selected October 16th to recognize her father’s birthday. Her intent was to create a day that would recognize the hard work that bosses have and all that they do to help their staff.

National Boss’s Day became an official holiday in 1962 and is now celebrated outside of the United States as well in such countries as Australia, India, and South Africa.

Boss’s Day Gift Ideas

Gift ideas for the boss vary based on the preferences of your boss, including what they like to do in their free time. For example, do they like to golf? Do they go to sporting events? Do they like wine or fine dining? Do they have a favorite sports team?

All these ideas can be turned into a personal gift that will show how much you appreciate your boss. For some, a card is a great idea while other employees may decide to gift their boss with flowers, a gift basket, gift certificate or meal out.

To help you decide what may work for your boss, we have some great gift ideas that you can give as an individual or select for your department or team to give the boss.

Here are just a few of the boss’s day gift ideas that you can send to your Albuquerque boss or send to a boss located anywhere in the world:

Whatever you choose from us at People’s Flower Shops, we can deliver the same day locally and around the country. Be sure to get your order in now for Boss’s Day!