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Posted by peoplesflowers on January 29, 2018 | Last Updated: December 30, 2020 Flowers

The Best Bets For Valentine’s Day

If you’re sending flowers to someone this Valentine’s Day, there’s a good chance they will be red, red roses. With their deep layers of petals, endlessly appealing scent, and rich, crimson color, there’s just nothing like a red rose to symbolize your abiding love and affection. At Peoples Flower Shops, we’ve got you covered, with literally stem upon the stem of February 14th’s signature bloom sitting in our workshop just waiting for our designers to work them into showstopping arrangements.

A classic bouquet of long-stemmed red roses is all you need to fully communicate the power of your love; not a box of candy, a scented candle, a stuffed animal, a gift basket . . . just one dramatic arrangement of flowers. Imagine receiving something like our Dozen Premium Red Roses to your desk at work. Roses rocket upward amid a shower of baby’s breath and an abundance of leaves; the look is lush, elegant, and full of classic simplicity.


But if you’re also sending flowers to your daughter, mother, aunt, friend, or the like, go for something that blends more colors and petals, along with an unexpected burst of green from eucalyptus, like our Country Love design.

This sweet piece works perfectly for those people to whom you wish to communicate your affection and love but not necessarily your passion. We have a variety of arrangements available to send (or hand-deliver yourself) to the people you love the most this year.