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Posted by peoplesflowers on September 17, 2012 | Last Updated: October 19, 2020 Flowers

Albuquerque (and Peoples Flowers) Loves the State Fair

Treats at the fair

Enjoy treats at the New Mexico State Fair.

There are certain signs that fall has truly arrived in New Mexico. The smell of green chiles roasting fills the air, wildflowers show off of their last round of blooms, and the New Mexico State Fair welcomes families to an extravaganza of rides, horse shows and fun foods.

Don’t Miss these Floral Events
Everyone knows there are plenty of hair-rising rides, deep-fried treats and livestock shows during the fair, but don’t forget to take a peak beyond these and find some of the fun and unusual exhibits on display. Every day at the fair is a little bit different!

Peoples Flowers customers are fans of all things floral. The fair features a whole host of floriculture competitions sponsored by local garden clubs. Shows range from cactus exhibits to floral design competitions. Annuals and perennials both get their time in the spotlight. You will see everything from snapdragons to sage to decorative grasses.

Don’t miss the floral design shows. You’ll see some creative arrangements that will give you ideas for new favorite flowers. Find something you like? Take note and stop by Peoples Flowers. Our experienced design professionals can track down flowers and create customized arrangements that let you bring your fair experience home or share it as a gift for someone special.

There’s a special exhibit coming up on Friday, September 21 featuring roses, dahlias and oriental designs. This is a great place to find inspiration and fall in love with new flowers. Check your state fair map and schedule to find all the floral shows to explore. There are even youth divisions, so come out and support New Mexico’s future gardeners and florists.

Spirit of Fall bouquet

Bring home the Spirit of Fall.

Special Shows for 2012
When you’re done exploring the floral delights of the state fair, venture out to check out some of the unusual performances this year. Birdman of Las Vegas shows off trained exotic birds in a high-flying show that will please kids just as much as parents. Mapapa African Acrobats will wow the audience with their flexibility and skill. You definitely won’t want to miss Page’s White Tiger Show. Watching these beautiful big cats perform is a rare treat for New Mexico.

Bring the Celebration Home
If you’ve ever walked the state fair midway at night, you’ve seen the explosion of bright colors shining from the rides. Light bulbs blink and and there’s a sense of excitement. Capture that feeling in your own home with a bouquet from Peoples Flowers. Looking for an easy way to share the fair fun of fall? Order a Spirit of Fall bouquet for delivery to your favorite person.

The 2012 New Mexico State Fair has just started. Remember, parking is free this year. Take the family and have a blast!