Father’s Day Gifts to Thank Dad

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Father's Day gifts

We know that you’d love to give great Father’s Day gifts – but after walking the aisles of hardware and sporting goods stores looking for something he will truly enjoy, it can seem an impossible task. Peoples Flowers is coming to your rescue, however, with bold, dramatic, and unique gifts that you may not have thought of- but that will catch his eye and his attention. This year, think out of the box and out of the ordinary, and shop at Peoples Flowers for Father’s Day.

Don’t Forget: We will deliver across Albuquerque and across the nation, so once you make your choice you can sit back and relax! We’ll take care of the rest.

Father's Day gifts

You may not have considered flowers for Dad, but these are no ordinary flower! The anthurium plant is striking and bold, and presents a confident masculine air. Bright, easy to care for, and long-lasting, this potted plant will add fire and spice to your Dad’s home or office. For a similar tropical aesthetic, consider a Bromeliad plant or garden.

Father's Day giftsShow a your Dad how sweet he is, with Peoples Flower Shops’s most popular chocolate and cookie basket. Featuring gourmet luxury chocolates, cookies,  candies, trail mix and other luscious treats, he’ll be in snack heaven. Pull up a chair and ask him if you can share – because quality time together is the sweetest gift of all.

Father's Day giftsDid You Know? Father’s Day is only 51 years old, having been made an official holiday in 1966.

Father’s Day gifts don’t have to be predictable and boring – browse our collection and find the perfect gift or your unique dad. From gourmet treats to bold and beautiful flowers, Peoples Flowers has something for every Dad in Albuquerque and beyond.



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