Flowers for the Spring Season

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spring season

We might not deal with too many snowdrifts and snow days in Albuquerque, but the coming of spring is still an exciting time. As days gradually warm up, and colors emerge across the area, the floral designers at Peoples Flowers are also preparing for the new season. The flowers for the spring season are here, and they are beautiful as ever!

Did You Know? Across the country, the most anticipated flower is the crocus. Known for being the first messenger of spring, this tiny but strong flower pushes up through cold soil – and even snow – to be one of the first to arrive to announce the imminent end of winter. 

spring season

There are many flowers that synonymous with the spring season. Tulip and daffodils, which are bulb flowers like the crocus, are among the earlier arrivals. Gerbera daisies, shown above, exhibit the wide range of vibrant color that we love to display this time of year – and their cheerful, carefree countenance is perfect for spring.

Liles and roses, while used in floral designs year-round, are often seen showcased in mixed spring bouquets. Spray and garden roses in ivory, pink, orange yellow and purple brighten up any arrangement. Pink stargazer lilies, as well as varieties in orange and yellow, are also popular.

spring season

Creative & Beautiful Vases: Alstroemeria, snapdragons, irises, hyacinth, and hydrangea are most often seen throughout the year as a backdrop to other blooms. This spring, how about decorating your home with lavish bunches of these amazing flowers on their own? They come in a range of gorgeous spring colors, are aesthetically interesting, and make wonderful standalone bouquets.

This spring season, fill your home with the beauty and fragrance of flowers. Call the floral design experts at Peoples Flowers to learn of the fresh blooms in stock right now, and let us create an exquisite seasonal bouquet for you or for a loved one. In Albuquerque and beyond, we are your source for all things floral!





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