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Posted by peoplesflowers on December 22, 2017 Flowers

Winter’s Snowcapped Blooms

We’re taking some design inspo from winter’s snowy landscape and building it into our flower designs, and we at Peoples Flowers don’t mean to brag, but we’re loving the results. There may be a lot of bright blooms available in winter, but we’re turning instead toward that soft palette of whites and neutrals that mimic the natural world (think snowy woods). We invite the feeling of being outside in because, of course, we have fewer chances to be in nature during winter. And there’s nothing like the serene mood you get from winter’s white flowers and range of greens.

The perfect example of what we mean, Winter Wonderland is a study in contrasting textures and elements. The billowing, powdery-looking white flowers tuck in alongside a forest of evergreen, pine cone and branches. This is a lush, rich bouquet with a lot going on, and yet because of the simplicity of the palette, it isn’t overwhelming.

On the sleeker side, our Calla Lilies in Bloom are austere and elegant. They trumpet upward from a simple glass vase. This is a piece that can bring its sculptural beauty to the living room or dining room.

Winter’s white flowers are tranquil and lovely, a graceful addition to any indoor space.