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Posted by peoplesflowers on May 20, 2018 Flowers

End Of Spring Flowers That Welcome Summer

Peoples Flower Shops¬†loves spring and summer’s bright, busy blossoms, and given that the two seasons share so many flowers in common, it’s easy to swoon. While it’s true that we may gravitate to more tropical-looking or bolder, more vivid arrangements in the summer—favoring more delicate, softly-hued ones in the spring—there are few flowers that are unique to either season. Rather, it’s like the two seasons got together and decided to dominate the year with the most dazzling flowers possible. Today, we peek ahead into what summer has in store, which just builds upon late spring’s bounty.

Don’t be sad that spring’s almost over—especially when designs like¬†Life’s Lemonade exist in the world. If ever there was a floral piece that would look perfect by the pool, it’s this one, with it’s citron palette punctuated by lime green leaves and a transparent cube vase stuffed with lemons. When we talk about summer floral designs, this is exactly what we mean. Roses, daisies and lilies are varieties that the two seasons share, but the presentation here is decidedly summer. If we could put July in a vase….

We’re looking forward to all of summer’s floral riches, especially when the transition from spring to summer in florals is really just a matter of turning up the heat, so to speak, in our designs.