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Easter Floral Design & Flowering Plants

There are many traditions associated with Easter Sunday – from chocolate bunnies (we eat 90 million of them) to Easter egg hunts (the most famous being on the White House lawn) there are time-honored customs to look forward to each year. Flowers are an integral part of Easter as well, with themes of renewal and rebirth being beautifully expressed through the spring blooms in vivid color. No one does Easter floral design better than Peoples Flowers, and on April 16th, you can be sure that the most gorgeous florals in Albuquerque came from our shop.

Did You Know? Many consider flowers to be an essential part of Easter due to the Resurrection story. Jesus was first on Sunday morning in a garden – and was even mistaken taken by the first women to be the gardener. 

Spring daisies, tulips, roses, hydrangea, iris – the choices are endless for a colorful and impressive Easter bouquet for anyone you want to wish a Happy Easter. The brighter the flowers, the more perfect the bouquet – just ask our experts for the freshest flowers in the store!

There is no more classic Easter flower than the blooming Easter Lily, also representative of the Christian traditions of the day. The Easter lily is perfect for church services, so make sure to ask us for special bulk pricing. These potted lilies also make beautiful and meaningful gifts.

Spring potted and flowering plants are a popular choice for the Easter holiday, as they can be enjoyed long after the eggs are found and the candy is eaten. These beautiful seasonal flowers are perfect for porches, patios, and kitchen tables, and will let your loved one that you remember them on this special day of celebration. 

Spring and Easter floral design is in full swing at Peoples Flowers, so make sure to give us a call early and get your order in! From bright bouquets to classic lilies and potted plants, we have the gifts you need to make this Easter Sunday the most beautiful one yet. Call us today, April 16 will be here before you know it!