Sun-Drenched Spring Floral Arrangements

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 Spring Floral Arrangements

With the spring season in full swing, Peoples Flowers is designing vivid late spring floral arrangements which showcase all of the cheerfulness of this time of year. From sunflowers to wildflowers, we happen to believe the brighter the palette, the better! Whether you are looking to celebrate a special birthday, graduation, or anniversary – we have the most beautiful late spring florals and designs in Albuquerque – so what is your spring style?

Quick Trivia: The “common sunflower” is anything but common – this amazing flower can grow as tall as 12 feet (or more!) and has applications in cooking, medicine, and household cleaning! Not to mention, with over 2,000 seed in each sunflower, it can provide a lot of snacking – or birdseed.  

 Spring Floral Arrangements

Sunflowers are among the most popular of the spring flowers. The classic black and yellow sunflower may be immediately recognizable, but this iconic bloom can actually grow in approximately 12 other color schemes. The sunflower can vary in size, height, and color – but it will always turn itself to follow the sun in springtime.

Roses are in demand year-round, but in spring we tend to design with more vibrant colors such as fuschia or burnt orange. Oriental lilies in warm shades of yellow and orange are also popular, as are bright pink stargazer lilies. Other common blooms in late spring floral arrangements are asters, peonies, and snapdragons.

 Spring Floral ArrangementsFun Fact: The snapdragon’s name was derived directly from its appearance. The elongated bloom resembles a dragon’s head and snout. If you push on either side of the head, the mouth appears to open and ‘snap’ shut.

Whatever the special occasion, floral designs from Peoples Flowers are guaranteed to deliver. From the brightest colors to the most creative arrangements, our experts choose the very best in-season flowers and make sure they arrive on your doorstep in beautiful style.



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