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Valentine’s Flowers to Send Your Love

Valentine’s Day is set aside each year to celebrate the adventure that is love – and whether you are just starting out or have spent decades together, flowers are an integral part of the day. In fact, polls have shown that Valentine’s flowers are by far the most popular gift on February 14th – with 61% of respondents stating that they gave flowers on this special day. The floral designers at Peoples Flowers are privileged to hear many of the love stories of the people who come into our store, and we are happy to play a small part in your adventure.

The second highest gift on the list goes hand in hand with flowers, traditionally – chocolate! Nearly 50% of respondents said that the sweet treat was a part of their Valentine’s Day traditions. 

The red rose is the reigning king of the Valentines Day flowers, but there are many gorgeous blooms that you can choose instead. For a newer relationship, daisies and tulips make a carefree bouquet; while lilies, hydrangea, and orchids can be a sophisticated replacement for the rose. If you are a hopeless romantic who likes to be creative, just give us a call. We would love to design a custom floral bouquet with Valentine’s flair that will be sure to impress.
Then again, the long-stemmed rose is a classic for lovers and sweethearts everywhere, and for some, nothing else will do. If you are seriously dating or engaged, a dozen long stems will be perfect – however, if you ave been happily married for decades, you may wish to go for the dramatic effect of two or three dozen! Nothing beats an armload of roses on Valentine’s Day.

Here’s a Tip: If you add a card to your flowers and chocolate, take her out to dinner and throw in a little jewelry, you will nicely round out the top 5 gifts of Valentine’s Day!

While Valentine’s flowers are a given, the type of flower is not. Speak to a design expert at Peoples Flowers and let us guide you to the perfect bouquet to reflect the adventure you are on. But don’t forget – whether you pick up the flowers or have them delivered anywhere in Albuquerque, make sure to call at least a week ahead of time to get exactly what you want!