Tropical Flowers for Hot Summer Days

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tropical flowers

Decorating your home for summer can be an easy endeavor. Fresh fragrances and bright flowers go a long way to making your home ready for the season. With the right flowers and a bit of planning, you can turn your home into a tropical getaway. The creative team of floral designers at Peoples Flower Shops can provide tips, ideas and of course, amazing arrangements that will brighten every area of your house.
tropical flowers
One way to transform any room is with tropical flowers. These vibrant varieties add excitement to summer occasions and home decor. Birds-of-paradise and orchids are especially popular choices for these types of arrangements. Birds-of-paradise are among the most recognizable of flowers, with their bright orange and purple blooms and dramatic lines. Originating in South Africa, these unusual flowers are named after an indigenous exotic bird whose plumage resembles the flower.

Orchids are the grand-dame of the exotic flower world. They boast the most variety of any flower, with 25,000 different species – some of which can live as long as 100 years. These delicate blooms also come in every color imaginable, and their variety ensures that there is an orchid that will work well with nearly any other flower. Of course, they also stand alone beautifully, and lend an exotic and elegant touch to any decor.

tropical flowers

Our Orchid Drop In, shown to the right, displays exotic purple orchids encased in a wire-wrapped cylinder vase. This elegant piece brings the ambiance of the tropics right into your home!

We offer a wide and diverse selection of tropical flowers, and look forward to helping you to transform any space or occasion into “paradise found”. Shop our collection online or talk to one of our design experts about which flowers are best for you. For July birthdays, summer parties, or any event throughout the year, your best choice in Albuquerque is Peoples Flower Shops. 



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