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Posted by peoplesflowers on December 18, 2017 Flowers

Trendcast: 2018’s Modern Nature

Of the many looks unveiled in International Floral Distributors annual trend forecast for floral design, we here at People’s Flowers are focusing this week’s blog on “Incarnation of Earth’s Element.” It may be a mouthful, but the style itself isn’t. With an emphasis on organic minimalism, this earthy trend celebrates nature in unconventional, modern designs.

We love the idea of stripping back floral arrangements to reveal their essential parts, which includes flowers but just as many times means other organic elements: branches, plants, grasses, river rock. You can see what we mean in our  Proteas & Pinecones piece, a striking example of this trend.

Here, texture is highlighted. The pine cones are presented as flowers falling over a simple glass bowl that reveals the interplay of stems and stalks. Unusually beautiful protea mimic the pine cones’ shape, but add a touch of color to the mix. This trend often utilizes geometric designs or patterns to give it even more substance, and you can see that shape here is an important feature.

We’re calling the look “modern nature” and think it works anywhere you’d like to add a little clarifying simplicity to your home. There’s something really sculptural about designs like these, so they truly act as a focal point or as a piece of art rather than simply as decor. If you’d like to try out this trend for yourself, call on us at People’s Flowers, and we’ll help you work it into your floral scheme.