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The Perfect Easter Gifts

Easter is less than two weeks away. Although spring may be here, that doesn’t mean that the beautiful flowers that represent everything that spring stands for, have burst into bloom yet. Don’t let that ruin this holiday for you. Our staff here at People’s Flower Shops is hard at work, making sure that we’re stocked with the most beautiful Easter floral arrangements and container baskets to help you deliver a gift of spring to the special people in your life.

The Easter holiday has its roots in Pagan traditions. The word for this holy Christian holiday most likely came from the combination of parts of two words for different Ancient Pagan spring celebrations. “Ostara,” the likely source of the first half of Easter, was a festival that honored new life, which is the essence of spring. “Ishtar,” the source for the second half of the word, was an Ancient Arabian sun festival.

Christians took over both festivals, reinterpreting the concept of “new life,” by explaining that Jesus brought the world the chance for a “new life” when he rose from the dead. Easter typically coincides with Passover, the Jewish festival that celebrates the gift God gave the Jews in freeing them from Egyptian slavery. Historical evidence (much of which appears in religious artwork,) suggests that Jesus was crucified during the Passover holiday. The date of Easter changes every year because it follows the lunar cycle and comes on the Sunday after the full moon. It also falls on a Sunday that is 40 days after Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent, (not including Sundays.)

Important characteristics of Easter Flowers:

Few flowers exude the feeling of spring the way tulips do. Our Potted Tulip Plant is sure to bring a bit of springtime into the home of the person to whom you give it. We planted tulip bulbs in a six-inch pot and put it in a basket so you have the perfect Easter basket to give. We added a beautiful bow to make it look even more special.

Blooming Tulip Plant

Give a gift of pure sunshine with our delightful Lilies and Lemons arrangement. We combine yellow lilies with button mums, and Solidago in a bubble bowl that’s lined with fresh lemon slices.

Lilies and Lemons