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🦃 Thanksgiving Decor Tips, Fun Facts, and Floral Inspiration 🍁

Thanksgiving is a cherished tradition and a great holiday that is loved by everyone. It’s a celebration of food, togetherness, the ending of fall, and the start of the holiday season. Plus, it’s a holiday about giving thanks and we’re thankful for the sumptuous turkey, Macy’s Parade, football, camaraderie, and pumpkin pie! To help you get into the spirit of this great day of feasting, People’s Flowers has collected all of the blog posts we’ve ever written about this great holiday. Discover tips on decorating, hostess gifts, centerpieces that awe, and more. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank Your Host with a Great Gift at Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving

It’s November, which means it’s time to spend quality time with your friends and family and to remember all the things that make you feel the most grateful.

Who We’re Most Thankful For

At Thanksgiving, we begin to think about who and what we are most thankful for. At Peoples Flowers, we are especially thankful for our dedicated team of professionals. Without these individuals, we would not be able to bring you the quality and service our customers deserve.

A Friendly Table for Your Besties This Thanksgiving

Have you heard about Friendsgiving? If not, allow us to be the first to clue you in. This is where you spend Thanksgiving (or some time around it) hosting a gathering for friends, co-workers, teachers, and neighbors who may not all be able to make it to celebrate with their families this holiday.

Set Your Thanksgiving Table Abloom

As you’re planning your Thanksgiving table this year, Peoples Flower Shops is here with a small PSA: don’t forget the flowers! You’ve likely pulled out the heritage linens and the nice china. Maybe you’ve even polished up your silverware and are prepping the turkey on an antique platter.

Thanking Your Hosts with Gifts

From among our many gift options like candles and live plant baskets, we’ve selected a few things that we think cover the spectrum of possible Thanksgiving dinner scenarios, from the more traditional to the modern casual.

Family Customs and Thanksgiving Celebrations

Traditions have always been a part of our Thanksgiving celebrations. From the food we eat to the football games we watch, these customs have become a part of our lives.

Make the Cornucopia the Centerpiece of Your Thanksgiving Dinner Table

Every household wants their table to look extra special on Thanksgiving Day. Gathering with special people is a tradition Americans have observed since that first celebratory feast that the colonists shared with the Wampanoag Indians in 1621.

Thanksgiving at Peoples Flowers

Hundreds of millions of Americans observe Thanksgiving each year, and the event carries almost 400 years of traditions and celebration. You might get up at 4 AM to put a turkey in the oven, you’ll light the tapers of your autumn floral arrangement, and you’ll have leftovers that last for days.

Adorning the Thanksgiving Table

Whether you’re entertaining the entire family, or you’re looking for an intimate meal with close friends, your Thanksgiving table will welcome your guests to an evening of friendship and fun.

Time to Give Thanks: Thanksgiving Flowers, Centerpieces and Gifts

With just a few weeks to go, Thanksgiving is nearly here. And, with it, comes time with family and friends as well as a focus on the most wonderful sentiment – giving thanks.

Centerpieces for Your Holiday Table

The holiday table is a place of great celebration, love, and laughter. For all of the traditions that we enjoy, it is the dinner that is most anticipated and most remembered.