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Celebrating Albuquerque’s Best Bosses

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In 1958, Patricia Bays Haroski had an idea which she felt would bring employers and employees closer together. As an employee at State Farm Insurance in Chicago, Haroski felt that her boss, and other bosses like him, deserved recognition for all of their hard work and dedication. Four years after filing her idea with the U.S. Department of Commerce. Illinois governor Otto Kerner made the day official. Fun Fact: Haroski's boss was her father, and National Boss's Day is observed on his birthday.  (October 16) Peoples Flowers is Albuquerque's premiere choice for flowers, plants and gifts for every occasion. If you have a great boss who you appreciate, come take a look at our selection. Read More about Celebrating Albuquerque’s Best Bosses

Plants & Flowers to Welcome New Neighbors

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Before electricity and central heating were common comforts, couples moving into a home would host a gathering of friends and neighbors with one goal in mind - collecting gifts of firewood. The firewood was necessary to keep their homes warm during their first winter, making these parties literal "housewarmings".  As progress happened and amenities were modernized, these get-togethers eventually evolved into opportunities for family and friends to congratulate their loved ones on the purchase of a new residence - or for people to make a new family in their midst feel at home. Peoples Flowers has floral designs, flowering baskets and green plants that are guaranteed to warm the hearts of anyone who receives them.  Read More about Plants & Flowers to Welcome New Neighbors