Congratulations to the Martinez Family, the Winners of Our $1,000 Giveaway

SpodeExpress1110323112737We Have A Winner!

Our frequent shoppers at People’s Flowers know just how rewarding it can be to shop at Albuquerque’s premier floral design center, Peoples Flowers. This year was especially rewarding for the Martinez family. They just won $1,000 dollars as the result of a special contest that Peoples Flowers participated in during the Christmas holidays. This year the Conforti Collection created a special national sweepstakes for local florists. The contest was only available to florists who purchased and sold their Spode Holiday Express Train Collection (See Photo).

Our Connection to the Conforti Collection

Arthur Conforti, President of The Conforti Collection, offered florists across the country an opportunity to participate in this years contest.  The Conforti Collection designed this contest specifically to support local florists throughout the country in selling their beautiful hand painted collectible, Spode Holiday Express Train.  A total of 93 flower shops opted to participate in the contest, with Peoples Flowers being the exclusive dealer in Albuquerque of the Spode Train.  The contest was set up to provide a $1,000 cash prize to be given to 5 lucky winners.

The Winners

The Conforti Collection randomly selected five local florists who participated in the program as winners. Then 5 lucky shoppers,  from the winning flower shops were selected to receive the contest awards.

Flower Shop Winners

  • Breen’s Flowers of Houston, Texas
  • Carithers Flowers of Atlanta, Georgia
  • Hoogasian Flowers of San Francisco, California.
  • Norton’s Flowers and Gifts of Ypsilanti, Michigan
  • People’s Flowers of Albuquerque, New Mexico

SpodeTrain31130102111953The Martinez family of Albuquerque, New Mexico was thrilled to learn that they will be receiving the $1,000 dollar award in the very near future which will be presented to them by Wayne Pollack, owner of Peoples’s Flower Shops.  What a great way for the team at People’s Flowers to deliver some additional holiday cheer!

The Conforti Collection plans to continue the sweepstake opportunities for florists and consumers, offering the contest again next year when they release the third and final train in the collection series.  Peoples Flowers looks forward to future giveaways and bringing even more holiday cheer and excitement to their customers!

Sending the Ultimate Thank You

TY2We often spend a lot of time stressing over the gift giving season — who to get what and such. You aren’t alone either as others all over are too looking for that gift that is just a perfect fit yet is not always easily found.

Though when you do find it, you know it and after that nothing is really better than the surprised expression a thoughtful gift leaves on a loved one’s face.

So what happens when you unwrap one such present? It is bound to happen at least once every year. That one present that tugs on your heart just a little harder than the others — the one that may just bring a tear to your eyes is one that finds its place a little closer to your heart than the others. So what do you do with that one special gift?TY1

The Importance of a Thank You

Big or small, any gift you get deserves a thank you. Whether you say it once, send a card, or write out a sentimental letter explaining how much you love it, when you get a gift it is important to say thank you. Now though we aren’t talking about just any gift — we are talking about that one very special gift and with these we believe that saying thank you is only the beginning.

The Thank You Gift

While you won’t find yourself moved to do this for every gift, but like we said there might be just the one. With that one gift, you should not only be openly expressive of your thanks but should also do a little more for the person at a later time.

Below we have prepared a list of thoughtful thank you ideas that are sure to delight:

  • Flowers: After all, we are a florist and with our great holiday sales going on, there isn’t a better time to give thanks with flowers. Take any one of our handpicked and designed bouquets or arrangements and you will surely pleasantly surprise anyone with your thank you.
  • Wine: There is just something about the holidays and wine that goes together. If you want to especially thank someone this holiday season, why not try wine or maybe even invite them to a tasting? Be sure that they actually like wine first of course.
  • Craft: A craft is an inexpensive and personal way to say thanks to anyone. Not to mention that the options for this choice are literally endless.
  • Gift Basket: A gift basket is also a generous way to say thank you for that special gift.
  • Handwritten Note: In the digital age of emails, texts, and posts, getting a handwritten card says you are truly thankful because you took the time to compose something on paper.TY3

Giving thanks this holiday season is one of the best gifs you can give to loved ones!

Reasonably Priced, High-Quality Flowers? Yes, it is Possible and True!

fresh1You’ve heard the saying that if it is probably seems too good to be true, then it probably is – well, that seems to apply to so much today when it comes to working with a product or service-based company.fresh2

With all the ads online that pop up telling us we have won the latest and greatest phone or video game system, it is kind of a wonder why anyone could ever fall for such a ruse.

And, when it seems like there is a real deal on a product or service, we jump at the chance because the economy has us in a grip where we have less money than ever before to spend.

So, instead of thinking it through many of us may have bought cheap items only to realize that you get what you pay for and that it was too good to be true.

Flowers are Expensive

One area that many of you may have cut back in is buying fresh flowers. And, when you see ones advertised for cheap, you wonder if they are the real deal. 

As a flower shop, this has come to our attention because we have seen many second rate florists are advertising online specials for elegant bouquets with starting prices in the range of only $19.95. This is a prime example of if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is because, as it turns out, they are not elegant bouquets at all.fresh4

These are bare minimum bouquets that are small and certainly not fresh. Sometimes, it even turns out to be a scam. Some consumers have complained that these companies have even been known to deliver the flowers a few days late or not at all.

fresh3If the flowers arrive late, not only will your loved one be disappointed, but it also could be likely that the flowers are not going to be fresh.

Then, these flowers often show up in boxes that take away any of the special or elegant feel rather than coming hand-delivered as if they have just been picked and arranged.

There are many florists out there like this, but luckily there are also just as many quality, family-owned florists out there as well. At Peoples Flowers, you can always expect our bouquets and floral arrangements to be fresh and of the highest quality.

Don’t be fooled by scammers making promises they can’t keep because if it’s too good to be true, it probably is! Instead, choose a local florist who provides exceptional value as well as the freshest flowers possible!

Ward Off Thanksgiving Pounds with the Hobbler Gobbler Thanksgiving Run

Hobbler Gobbler logo

Run for fun at the Hobbler Gobbler.

What are you doing on Thanksgiving morning? How about stretching your legs a bit before you indulge in the traditional turkey feast? The Hobbler Gobbler Thanksgiving Day Run takes place on November 22. You can take it as fast or as slow as you like. Choose between the 10K run, 5K walk, or the kids’ K, a fun run geared for children.

The Hobbler Gobbler is a great way to get in some exercise before all those Turkey Day calories come calling. Even better, a portion of the proceeds go to RunFit, an after school running program for kids. If you register in advance, prices start as low as $20. The 10K starts at 9 in the morning and the Kids’ K starts at 10:15. That gives you plenty of time to enjoy the fall weather and still be home for the afternoon football game and feasting. Peoples Flowers is a big supporter of fitness for everyone and we encourage our customers to get out and get active.

Make Thanksgiving Even More Special
It’s a lovely time of year in New Mexico. Here at Peoples, we’re working with fall colors and flowers and turning them into beautiful bouquets for your home, or to give as memorable gifts. Step up your Thanksgiving decor with one of our autumn- themed arrangements. Check out the exuberant vertical stems of Fall Wonder or the overflowing oranges and yellows of our Harvest Basket. The Autumn Home Centerpiece will welcome your Thanksgiving guests to your table with the rich shades of fall with candles for an added glow.

Autumn Home Centerpiece

Enjoy an Autumn Home Centerpiece.

Thanksgiving Decorations
Decorating for Thanksgiving is a great way to salute the colors of fall before you break out the strings of holiday lights or go searching for the perfect pine tree.

When choosing decorations, look to classic shades of warm oranges, deep reds, and rich browns. All you have to do is look outside at the falling leaves for inspiration. Pass on hanging up paper turkeys on your wall and instead think about grouping natural forms like squash and colorful dried leaves together to evoke the feel of harvest time.

Come into any Peoples Flowers location around Albuquerque for a custom Thanksgiving bouquet designed to match your decor. We also make it easy to send flowers as a hostess gift or as way to contribute to a family Thanksgiving gathering if you can’t be attendance yourself. As the holiday approaches, Peoples Flowers wants to say a big “Thank you” to our customers. Happy Thanksgiving!

Veterans Day 2012: Salute Those Who Have Served

Veterans Day 2012 poster

Veterans Day 2012 poster

Veterans Day is on Sunday, November 11, but the federal holiday will also be observed on Monday November 12 this year. This is a time set aside to recognize some of our country’s true heroes: the men and women who have served in the Armed Forces. Peoples Flower Shops salutes these brave Americans and encourages everyone to participate in events to honor our veterans.

A Look Back at Veterans Day
The history of Veterans Day traces back to 1919 when President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed the holiday of Armistice Day to mark the 1-year anniversary of the signing of the treaty that ended World War I. Hostilities were halted on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918. That’s why so many Veterans Day ceremonies are held at 11 in the morning. In the 1940’s, Armistice Day changed to encompass honoring all veterans and Veterans Day as we know it was born.

Veteran’s Day Events Around Albuquerque
Albuquerque will honor veterans on Sunday, November 11 at the New Mexico Veterans Memorial at 1100 Louisiana Blvd. SE. The annual Veterans Day parade begins at 9 in the morning, starting from USS Bullhead Memorial Park. There will be music at 10, followed by a ceremony at 11. This year’s ceremony will focus on World War II veterans.

Weekend Activities
The National Park Service is recognizing Veterans Day weekend by offering fee-free days from November 10-12. For New Mexico residents, that means beautiful sites like Bandalier National Monument, Petroglyph National Monument, and White Sands will be free to visit all weekend long.

Thank a Veteran
If you have a family member who has served, Veterans Day is a great time to reconnect. Give him or her a call, arrange for a lunch, or take a moment to send a letter saying,”Thank you.” This can be a great time to involve your children in understanding and recognizing the service and hard work of the military. Take them to the Veterans Day parade or help them make a drawing for or send a card to a family member in the service.

Operation Appreciation is another way to share your encouragement and make a personal connection with active-duty military members and their families. Download the information packet to get started. Put together a gift package to send to overseas military personnel. Organizations like Any Solider and Operation Gratitude can help you connect with active duty members of the military to show your appreciation for their hard work.

There are plenty of volunteer opportunities for people who want to give back to the veteran community. Check with local veterans organizations in your area or connect with the Department of Veterans Affairs Voluntary Service division. Please join Peoples Flowers in saluting our veterans this Veterans Day weekend.

Election Day is Almost Here: Get out and vote!

Vote buttonTuesday, November 6 is a big day for our country. Together, we will decided who gets to be president for the next four years. There are countless local races at stake as well as community bonds and issues. Peoples Flower Shops encourages its customers and the community to get out and vote. Let your voice be heard. Every vote really does make a difference.

Vote Early
You still have a little bit of time to vote early. Early voting in Albuquerque runs through November 3. That means one more Saturday for early voting if you’re too busy during the week. This is smart if you know you’ll have a hard time getting away from work on Tuesday to vote or if you’re concerned about long lines. If you’re voting by absentee ballot, then be sure turn it in before 7 pm on November 6.

Voting on Election Day in Albuquerque
In some past elections, Albuquerque voters have been assigned a particular location to vote in. This year, it’s wide open. You can visit any voting center to cast your vote. Bernalillo County has a total of 69 voting centers, so one is bound to be near you. Take a moment to check out the voting center locations and find a convenient spot near your home or work. You have a 12-hour stretch to get your vote in. Polls are open from 7 am. to 7 pm. Visit the Bernalillo County Clerk’s Office voting page for the latest information.

There are several issues on the ballot for the Albuquerque area. Get informed through the League of Women Voters of Central New Mexico information guide. The League is nonpartisan, so it’s a good resource no matter what your political affiliation is. Pick up a hard copy or read it online and you will be well prepared to make an informed decision on Election Day.

Decorate for an Election Night Watch Party
It’s election night. You’ve already voted. The polls are closed. It’s time to watch the results roll in throughout the evening. Are you hosting an election watch party? Spruce up your home for the occasion. For a classic look, hang red, white, and blue crepe paper streamers or bunting from the ceiling. It’s easy to find plates in patriotic colors. This can also be a great opportunity to use up the leftover supplies from your Fourth of July party. Creative snacks can be one of the best parts of an election night party. If you like baking, then make cookies or cupcakes and decorate them with red, white, and blue icing.

Stop by Peoples Flowers for a selection of bouquets in all-American colors. Our professional designers can create a show-stopping centerpiece or smaller arrangements to bring a pop of patriotic color to your decor. Election Day is a momentous day for our country. Be proud of our heritage that allows us to have a say in how our government is run. Get out and vote!

Celebrate Boss’s Day with a Special Delivery from Peoples


Give your boss a striking plant for Boss’s Day.

Administrative Professionals Day on the third Thursday of April often gets a lot of attention. Did you know there’s also a special day set aside for honoring employers? That day is Tuesday, October 16, 2012. Boss’s Day is officially celebrated on October 16 every year, but if that happens to fall on a weekend, then it automatically moves to the closest working day. That’s not an issue this year, since the 16th is a Tuesday.

Now is the time to plan how to honor your employer. Since bouquets are traditional on Administrative Professionals Day, why not return the favor for Boss’s Day? Peoples Flowers has bouquets and gifts that will make your boss smile.

Why we have Boss’s Day

Boss’s Day has been around since 1958. It was first officially recognized in Illinois in 1962 and has since spread around the country and even internationally. It’s a way to thank employers for the good work they do year-round. It’s also a great way to honor fairness and strong leadership skills. If you have a boss you really like, then take advantage of this special day to say “thank you.”

Bouquets for your Boss
Peoples knows every employer is different. Browse our website or talk to us about a custom arrangement made to fit the personality of your boss. Does he like to take vacations in Hawaii? Remind him of good times with the Hawaiian Bliss bouquet. Do you have a boss who is fun-loving? The Just Happy arrangement says it all. Is she passionate about purples? Then a Luscious Lavender bouquet will make her day.

For a fun twist, come into any of Peoples Flower Shops’ convenient Albuquerque locations and bring a copy of your business logo. We can put together a special bouquet to match your company’s colors. This would make a great centerpiece for a surprise party or celebratory lunch on Boss’s Day.

Luscious Lavender

This is a memorable bouquet for Boss’s Day.

If you want something longer-lasting than a flower arrangement, then check out People’s extensive selection of green plants. These are a great way to brighten up the office environment year-round. For a real wow factor, look to a Croton plant. These stunning plants are easy to care for and have shades of yellow, orange, and red tucked in with the green. It will look great on a desk or in the corner of your boss’s office.

Gifts for Bosses
Your boss might have a sweet tooth or a penchant for stockpiling fresh fruit in the lunch lounge. We have gift baskets full of edibles that will delight your boss’s taste buds. From steaks and seafood to chocolates and cookies, we’ve got you covered. Browse our bright ideas for woman and gentlemen online or check out our wide selection of creative and unexpected gifts in our stores. A good boss makes going to work every day fun and meaningful. Take a moment on October 16 to say, “Thank you!”

Albuquerque and Peoples Flowers Celebrate Balloon Fiesta 2012

Balloon over Albuquerque

A balloon floats over Albuquerque. (Credit: gardener41)

If you live in Albuquerque, you may wake up early in the morning to strange sounds coming from outside. There may be a whoosh and a roar. Run to your porch and look up. If you’re lucky, you’ll spot one of the hundreds of balloons that have come to town to celebrate the annual Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. They often float out across the city, sometimes landing in fields and sometimes in neighborhoods.

Known as the world’s most photographed event, Balloon Fiesta is a massive celebration of magnificent and colorful flying machines. They float gracefully through the Albuquerque sky, touch down near the cold waters of the Rio Grande, and light up the fields of Balloon Fiesta Park at night as anchored canopies glow in the dark.

Enjoying the Fiesta
The 2012 Balloon Fiesta starts on Saturday, October 6 and runs through October 14. Mass ascensions of hundreds of balloons at a time rise up in the early morning. Evening hours host balloon glows when anchored balloons light up brightly at night, but don’t lift off. There are plenty of food concessions featuring New Mexico specialties like breakfast burritos and green chile cheeseburgers.

Fiesta is all about the excitement of the balloons and the fun food, but there’s much more going on. The America’s Challenge long-distance gas balloon race launches on opening day on Saturday, October 6. These racing balloons look much different from the big balloons we’re used to seeing. There is a car show on Sunday, October 7 and chainsaw carving competitions. Keep an eye out for fireworks and special shapes days when the Fiesta’s most unusual participants inflate to show off their unique looks.

Spirit of Fall

You will see these same colors on balloons at the Fiesta.

Capture the Fiesta Spirit at Peoples
What is most striking about the Balloon Fiesta is the sheer visual experience of seeing the balloons rise up into the morning sky with their bright colors and unusual shapes. What does it remind us of? A bouquet of flowers, of course! Stop into Peoples Flowers after your visit to the Fiesta and take home your favorite shades and hues from the day with a custom bouquet.

Share the exuberance of the festival with Spirit of Fall, an autumn-themed bouquet featuring daisies and roses in vivid oranges, reds, and yellows. Of course, you can also get literal about celebrating Balloon Fiesta and pick out your very own balloon bouquet. We have all sorts of colors available as well as messages for birthdays, births, and other celebrations.

Many Albuquerque residents host friends and relatives that have come in for this special event. Why not welcome them with a fresh bouquet that reflects the spirit of the Fiesta? Visit Peoples online at or stop into any of our convenient Albuquerque shops. We get a kick out of sharing our love for the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. Happy ballooning!

Holiday shopping is coming! Get it done with Peoples’ Mobile App

iPhone app

Floralapp on iPhone

It’s late September. That means we’re right around the corner from a whole slew of holidays. Halloween is first up. After that, we get Thanksgiving. Before you know it, it will be time for Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. You probably haven’t started thinking about your holiday shopping list yet. Before you spend too much time fretting about the perfect gifts, download People’s mobile application and take all the worry out of the hectic holiday shopping times.

Get the App
Connecting with Peoples Flower Shops on your smartphone or tablet is as easy as pumpkin pie. It’s available for both iPhone and Android devices. Visit the app store for your mobile device and search for “Floralapp.” Download the app and start it up. Enter the keyword “PEOPLES” to get connected to Peoples Flowers. Alternately, just go to this page and follow the links.

You will be given the opportunity to create a profile or log in to an existing profile. This profile helps make ordering fast and easy. That’s especially smart when you’re running short on time right before a birthday or holiday and need a last-minute gift.

App Features
Great, you’ve got the app. What can you do with it? Browse bouquets, search for gifts and view specials. Check out the categories for quick access to gifts and flowers that are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions. There’s even a section for business gifts, so you can get timely and appropriate thank-yous out to your clients or employees. You can even order corsages and other wearable flowers right through the app. Keep that in mind if you have fall or winter wedding plans.

Large photos make it easy to see what you’re shopping for and find the perfect gift. Keep an eye on the coupon and special offers section for the latest deals. Add a custom touch by choosing balloons, stuffed animals or chocolates for your order. You will have the opportunity to include a personalized message for the recipient.


Peoples’ app is available for both iPhone and Android.

Your Holiday Helper
Peoples’ mobile app is like having a shopping elf on your side. You can avoid slogging through mall parking lots or getting lost in an unending maze of online stores. Just fire up your mobile app and take care of all your personal or business gift needs. Whether you’re looking for a romantic bouquet of roses or a playful gourmet food basket, we’ve got you covered. It’s also great for procrastinators who find the holidays are sneaking up on them faster than expected.

Convenient Ordering
Peoples Flowers Shops has been in business since 1944. We offer the same outstanding customer service that we always have, but we have consistently added the latest technologies to make buying bouquets and gifts easy for our customers. Come into our stores, visit our website, or order on your mobile phone. No matter which way you order, you will still get the finest flowers and gifts in New Mexico.

Albuquerque (and Peoples Flowers) Loves the State Fair

Treats at the fair

Enjoy treats at the New Mexico State Fair.

There are certain signs that fall has truly arrived in New Mexico. The smell of green chiles roasting fills the air, wildflowers show off of their last round of blooms, and the New Mexico State Fair welcomes families to an extravaganza of rides, horse shows and fun foods.

Don’t Miss these Floral Events
Everyone knows there are plenty of hair-rising rides, deep-fried treats and livestock shows during the fair, but don’t forget to take a peak beyond these and find some of the fun and unusual exhibits on display. Every day at the fair is a little bit different!

Peoples Flowers customers are fans of all things floral. The fair features a whole host of floriculture competitions sponsored by local garden clubs. Shows range from cactus exhibits to floral design competitions. Annuals and perennials both get their time in the spotlight. You will see everything from snapdragons to sage to decorative grasses.

Don’t miss the floral design shows. You’ll see some creative arrangements that will give you ideas for new favorite flowers. Find something you like? Take note and stop by Peoples Flowers. Our experienced design professionals can track down flowers and create customized arrangements that let you bring your fair experience home or share it as a gift for someone special.

There’s a special exhibit coming up on Friday, September 21 featuring roses, dahlias and oriental designs. This is a great place to find inspiration and fall in love with new flowers. Check your state fair map and schedule to find all the floral shows to explore. There are even youth divisions, so come out and support New Mexico’s future gardeners and florists.

Spirit of Fall bouquet

Bring home the Spirit of Fall.

Special Shows for 2012
When you’re done exploring the floral delights of the state fair, venture out to check out some of the unusual performances this year. Birdman of Las Vegas shows off trained exotic birds in a high-flying show that will please kids just as much as parents. Mapapa African Acrobats will wow the audience with their flexibility and skill. You definitely won’t want to miss Page’s White Tiger Show. Watching these beautiful big cats perform is a rare treat for New Mexico.

Bring the Celebration Home
If you’ve ever walked the state fair midway at night, you’ve seen the explosion of bright colors shining from the rides. Light bulbs blink and and there’s a sense of excitement. Capture that feeling in your own home with a bouquet from Peoples Flowers. Looking for an easy way to share the fair fun of fall? Order a Spirit of Fall bouquet for delivery to your favorite person.

The 2012 New Mexico State Fair has just started. Remember, parking is free this year. Take the family and have a blast!