Halloween Designs and Spooky Decor

Halloween designs











If ever there were a time to decorate with the colors of a New Mexico desert at sunset, the time is now. Halloween designs and spooky decor have happily invaded our homes and yards, where spiderwebs, swaying ghosts and fake cobwebs rule the roost. Even our doorsteps have been revived with bright with mums and pumpkins. We here at Peoples Flower Shops think its the moment to turn our attention to how we’ll decorate indoors. And of course we’ve got the blooms to do it.

Finally we can inject a little whimsy and humor to our floral designs – not to mention a little spookiness here and there too.

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Halloween Decor and Colorful Seasonal Flowers

Halloween decor

We love decorating for the holidays. Fall is perhaps one of the favorite times of the year to add colorful decor to our home – the colors, the warmth, and the fun add so much to the ambiance! Whether you prefer a fall harvest bouquet or are looking for some whimsical Halloween fun, Peoples Flowers has the Halloween decor that will brighten your day.

Bring the spirit of fall into your living room – or send it to a friend! This stunning cube arrangement offers roses and gerbera daisies exhibiting the fiery tones of the autumn sun. These flowers are sure to light up any room. If you prefer to add some traditional Halloween decor, start with our ceramic Jack-o-Lantern. This smiling ambassador of the holiday presents sunflowers and daisies, fall foliage and curly willow  -not to mention a few creepy friends to add a little frightful fun. The pumpkin will make a wonderful piece of decor for years to come.
Halloween decor

Did You Know? Trick-or-treating as we know if most likely originated in the 1930’s. Communities were looking for alternatives to the mischievous acts that were plaguing them on All Hallow’s Eve. They borrowed from the tradition of “souling”, a custom of poor families of going door to door to ask for food. The original “trick-or-treat” greeting truly was a bribe of sorts – “please give us candy or we will revert to our mischievous ways!”

Halloween means lots of visitors walking up your front walk and onto your front porch. Greet them in beautiful fall style with fall mums from Peoples Flowers. Whether lining the path or adjacent to your front door, these friendly fall blooms in brilliant red, orange and yellow are the quintessential flowers of autumn.

Halloween decor

Show the world how much you love the fall season – and all its holidays – with gorgeous Halloween decor and seasonal arrangements from Peoples Flowers. And as we move forward into Thanksgiving in Albuquerque, don’t forget to order your centerpieces and hostess gifts early!