Administrative Professional Gifts & Floral Designs

Administrative Professional Gifts

When you consider who runs your organization every day, who comes to mind? According to the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP), the unsung heroes – and backbone of every corporation – are the administrative professionals. These very important employees represent the first voice that your clients hear or the first face that they encounter. They handle appointments and schedules, wrangle all the details, and know how everything gets done.

Administrative Professionals Week begins on April 23, giving Albuquerque business owners the opportunity to recognize all of the hard work and determination of their support personnel. And Peoples Flowers has the administrative professional gifts, floral designs, and plants that they are sure to love.  Continue reading

Floral Designers Have Their Day

floral designersFloral Design Day originated as a tribute to Carl Rittner, founder of the School of Floral Design in Boston. Rittner is recognized by many to be a visionary in the industry, and one of the first to see floral design as an artistic discipline. His legacy is seen today in the thousands of talented professionals working at florists across America. If you have ever enjoyed a beautiful arrangement or floral bouquet from Peoples Flowers, there is a floral designer to thank. 
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Fall Florals and Creative Accents

fall florals

Autumn gives us many inspirations for fall florals. The designers at Peoples Flower Shops are experts at incorporating these organic details and wild accents into our bouquets and arrangements, resulting in some of the most beautiful floral designs in Albuquerque. If your occasion calls for something special, don’t settle for just any flowers – choose fall floral designs that go beyond ordinary.

Nature is brimming with elements perfect for the season’s best creations. Some of the most popular are wheat, millet. and cattails, which immediately evoke all the warmth and memories of this time of year. If you are looking for the perfect representation of fall, these and many other accents will do the job. You may wish to consider gourds and pumpkins, fruits (such as apples and pears) or even artichokes, kale and cabbage leaves.fall florals


To add depth and interest to your design, we can employ curly willow, varied grasses, twigs or natural branches; as well as lotus pods, seeded eucalyptus, or eryngium – otherwise known as thistle. Rocks and mosses added to the vase or container also add to the wild expression of the piece. 
fall florals

Wild accents that are often used in unique ways are succulents. Although you may think they would partner naturally with wildflowers or tropicals  – and they do – they also create a gorgeous presentation when paired with orchids and roses.

Trusting the expertise and artistic flair of a professional floral designer is the difference between a nice arrangement and a spectacular one. For birthdays, dinner parties or simply “just because” – give Peoples Flower Shops a call. We are proud to provide the most beautiful arrangements in Albuquerque.

Discover the Perfect Wedding Flowers at Peoples


Find your flowers at Peoples.

So much planning goes into a wedding. You have to choose a location, set a date, decide on a cake, try on gowns, fill out the guest list, plan the reception and select the flowers. Whew! That can seem overwhelming, but you there are lots of people ready to give you a hand with the planning. When it comes to floral design, Peoples is your wedding partner. Check out some wedding flower ideas to spark your creativity.

Get Colorful
White is the traditional color for weddings, but many modern weddings step outside that palette and into an exuberant array of other colors. Is red your favorite color? Play with bringing shades of red together and consider unusual wedding flowers like daisies or carnations for their bright exuberance. Pink is a very trendy color to consider. Think about coordinating your flower choices with the color of your wedding gown or with the bridesmaids’ dresses.

Creative Containers
Add some flair to your arrangements with creative vases. If you enjoy the thrill of the hunt, browse thrift stores and garage sales for unusual, antique or colorful containers that can double as vases, whether for large arrangements or for holding bouquets on tables at the reception. Look for old blue glass bottles, painted pitchers or vintage champagne glasses. Mix and match and be playful!

Flowers in Unusual Places
Flowers bring a special flair and beauty to any setting. Arrange roses around the cake on the table. Hang orb-shaped arrangements from the ceiling for an ethereal fairy-tale look. Flowers can be strung together and suspended in doorways or on walls. Decorate for an outdoor wedding with garlands of your favorite flowers, hung from trees or poles. Continue the floral theme with edible flowers as garnish for salads.

pink bouquet

Pink is popular for the bride’s bouquet.

Go With What you Love
The easiest way to approach the flowers for your wedding is to simply go with flowers you love in colors that you enjoy. There may be flowers that have a special significance to you or flowers that remind you of a special place you’ve visited. Peoples Flowers can track down unusual and hard-to-find flowers to make your wedding floral wishes come true. Our floral designers can suggest complimentary blooms and colors to go with your favorites.

Plan your wedding flowers with Peoples
}Our wedding creations are just as unique as you are. Come by any of our Albuquerque metro area locations or call us at 800-727-1600 or 505-884-1600 to arrange a consultation with a design manager.  You can also set an appointment through Peoples can work within all styles and budgets to design the perfect floral creations for your wedding.

Peoples Flowers prides itself on personalized service for your wedding day. We love taking care of the details and we have designers on call to make last-minute changes. We even offer 24-hour response to your questions, so you’re covered anytime! Our delivery service will bring your flowers to your wedding site in pristine condition, ready to wow you and your guests.