Find the Fabulous Blooms of Summer at Peoples Flower Shops

Summer Sherbert bouquet

Summer Sherbert

We’re settling into the long, warm days of summer. The spring blooms have faded, only to be replaced by a rich palette of summer flowers. Bright sunflowers, colorful daisies and abundant roses are three of the most iconic summer flowers. You can find all of them at Peoples Flowers Shops.

Sunflowers Shine
Summer is synonymous with the gracefully nodding heads of exuberant sunflowers. While they are often yellow, sunflowers also come in vibrant shades of orange and red. The fiery blooms echo the look and feel of the summer sun.

Did you know that the sunflower head is actually made up of lots of tiny flowers? These little flowers are what become sunflower seeds. Sunflowers are also the flower associated with 3rd wedding anniversaries. Surprise your spouse with an anniversary bouquet like Summer Sunflowers, an abundance of sunny blooms gathered together in a clear vase.

Daring Daisies
Daisies are the jewels of summer. They bring a dash of enthusiasm and color to any bouquet. Daisies are also full of meaning. When you give a gift of daisies, you are also sharing a message of loyal love, purity, faith and cheer. Daisies are incredibly versatile and work for all sorts of occasions, whether it’s bringing a bit of color into your home or celebrating a special day. Gerbera daisies are real favorites. These striking flowers can be found in shades of orange, red, pink, yellow and white.

Peoples Flowers’ Summer Garden bouquet captures the brilliance of these flowers with a lavish arrangement of Gerbera daisies with sunflower accents. You can see why we call it a “Snapshot of Summer!”

Summer Garden

Summer Garden

Roses are Radiant
Lucky gardeners get to experience the profusion of colors from summer-blooming roses, but you don’t have to be an accomplished green thumb to enjoy the beauty of this famous flower. Summer weddings and anniversaries are an especially good time to celebrate with roses.

Red roses are classic, but you can also choose from a wide variety of colors when you visit Peoples Flowers Shops. Vivid pinks, yellows and oranges really bring the spice of summer into any arrangement. Roses are stunning as stand-alone flower bouquets, but they also add sparkle to arrangements like Bold Brilliance, a collection of lovely summer colors in flower form.

Turning Summer Flowers into Art
Our creative design professionals at Peoples Flowers turn summer blooms into artful bouquets. Go for an elegant look with our Victorian Summer arrangement or find your joy with the sweet combination of seasonal oranges, red, and greens in the Summer Sherbert bouquet. You can choose your own combination by stopping by any of our five shops around Albuquerque. Browse our seasonal stunners and bring summer into your own home or light up the day of someone special. Celebrate this beautiful season by coming by any of our locations, calling us at 800-727-1600 or visiting to order your own symbol of summer.

Delight in the Top 3 Flowers of Spring

Simply Spring bouquet

The Simply Spring bouquet brings colorful joy inside.

Albuquerque is waking up after the long winter. One look outside will show you buds opening, winds rolling down from the mesa, and flower petals just starting to peek out. You don’t have to wait to enjoy the glory of spring. A bouquet from Peoples Flowers will bring an abundance of spring colors to your home or office.

Selecting a spring bouquet
Choosing a spring-themed bouquet is all about celebrating the colors of the season. The vibrant reds, pinks, and purples of Peoples Flowers’ “Simply Spring” arrangement is a great example of a color combination that is unmistakeably seasonal. Even if winter decides to hang on a little longer, this bouquet will brighten your house.

If food is more your speed, check out the “Fresh as Spring!” basket. Oranges and apples join together with Sonoma jack cheese, crackers, and roasted almonds. This is the perfect companion for an afternoon snack on the patio. This also makes a great gift for friends or colleagues with spring birthdays. Celebrate the season in delicious style!

The top flowers of spring
Spring brings with it an abundance of blooms, but certain flowers are the top symbols of the season. Tulips, daisies and daffodils bring a smile to anyone who sees them. They signal the lengthening days and warmer weather arriving in New Mexico. Learn more about the meaning of these iconic flowers and then call or stop by a Peoples Flowers location to order your own special spring arrangement. We are your local Albuquerque florist.

Elegant tulips come in a variety of bright colors ranging from white to the deepest of reds. The popularity of tulips can be traced to their cultivation in the Netherlands, where raising tulips is an art form. Different colors of tulips have different meanings. Purple tulips indicate royalty. Yellow tulips are for cheerful thoughts

Show your love with red tulips.

Red tulips symbolize “perfect love.” Peoples Flowers’ “Radiantly Red Tulips” bouquet is a passionate alternative to red roses. It’s a beautiful way to express love in the spring. Pick one up or have it delivered to your sweetheart for a lovely surprise.

Daisies are irresistible. These exuberant flowers are associated with innocence and patience. Peoples’
“A Daisy Delight” bouquet brings all the cheer of a meadow full of flowers into your life. A bubble bowl filled with curly willow sets off the sweet spring colors of yellow, pink and white. It’s like bringing little sunflowers into your home without having to wait for summer.

Daffodils are the birth flower of March because these bright bloomers are a sure sign of spring. Yellow daffodils stand for respect. A bouquet of daffodils looks like rays of sunshine that have been captured in flower form. Brighten a loved one’s day with a delivery of daffodils.

Stop by any Peoples Flowers location to design your own bouquet with your choice of spring blooms. We have shops in downtown Albuquerque, Nob Hill, the Northeast Heights, and Far North on Montgomery. If you’re ready to spread the spring cheer, we also deliver to Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Corrales and Bernalillo. Your local florist is just a phone call away at 505-884-1600 or 1-800-727-1600. Visit us online at