Autumn has Arrived and So Have Fall Flowers and Fall Gifts!

fallp4fallp3Autumn has officially begun and with it comes a change in the weather and new colors of flowers to enjoy! We are excited that fall flowers are now here within our Albuquerque flower shops as well as many fall plants and fall gifts to enjoy for any occasion or event as well as for upcoming fall weddings.

This blog post offers a little preview of what is to come in terms of our new fall flower arrangements, fall bouquets, fall centerpieces, and fall gifts.

We’ve added a few more pictures to this blog post because we are so excited to share some of the latest and greatest fall flower arrangements now available!

Fall Flower and Plant Arrangements

Our fall flower arrangements include all the favorite fall flowers in rich shades of orange, red, cinnamon, brown, yellow and green.

There is everything from sunflowers and gerbera daisies to autumn tinted roses and elegant orchids.summerp1

Also featured are some beautiful fall plant arrangements. The Fall Mum Plant is a bright orange and cheery addition to any home or office, including its seasonally decorated basket with plaid ribbon and pumpkin ornament.

Sunflowers, Safflower, Millett, Mums, and China Berry are in abundance in this beautiful Autumn floral.

Sunflowers, Safflower, Millett, Mums, and China Berry are in abundance in this beautiful Autumn floral.

Fall Signature Design Flower Arrangements

The Signature Design Collection consists of exclusive designs available only through Peoples Flower Shops and created by the Albuquerque florist’s design team. These include some amazing new designs created just for fall:

  • Autumn Bounty includes sunflowers, safflower, millett, mums, and China berry and arranged in a chic glass vase.
  • Autumn Jewels contains premium roses, hydrangea, and cymbidium orchids. This large arrangement is perfect to set on a large counter or a dining room table, and
  • Waves of Grain is a fall flower arrangement that features sunflowers, garden snapdragons, and beautiful millet.fallp1

Local Albuquerque Fall Flower Arrangements

A few of our special fall arrangements are made just for our Albuquerque customers and feature unique designs and extras to celebrate the season as well as special holidays like Halloween.

This includes the Teleflora Spooky Surprise Bouquet in a pumpkin vase replete with a spooky ghost ornament. Then there is the Teleflora Simply Sunny Bouquet chock full of sunflowers in a stunning painted vase covered in sunflowers.fallp2

Fall Gifts

Our fall gifts include new harvest gift baskets of fresh, seasonal fruit as well as artisanal cheeses, savory crackers, and sweet treats as well as new selections in all of our categories for men, women, and kids!

Be sure to shop online or at any of our store selections so you can enjoy the new fall selections. We already have some fall flowers, plants, and gifts on sale!

Why Local Matters: Join Peoples Flowers in Supporting Local Businesses

Peoples Flowers

Peoples Flowers: a local Albuquerque business since 1944.

A pebble drops into a pond and the ripples echo outward. Buying local has the same effect on a community. This is about consumers supporting local businesses, but also about those same businesses supporting each other. We take pride in our community and know that our customers do, too.

Peoples Flowers is your local florist

Peoples Flowers has been a family-owned local business in Albuquerque since its founding in 1944. The original founder’s son now leads the company. Over the years, Peoples has grown to four locations in Nob Hill, Downtown, the Northeast Heights, and the Far North in Albuquerque. We deliver to Rio Rancho, Corrales, Bernalillo, and all over the metro area.

Our partnerships with local businesses

Peoples Flowers is proud to support other local businesses. Our partnership with Soilutions is smart for the local economy and smart for the local environment. Soilutions is a green waste recycler and compost manufacturer in Albuquerque. Leftover greenery from Peoples Flowers gets sent to Soilutions to be re-used. That means less waste is going to our local landfills!

Buffetts at Peoples

We partner with other local businesses to make our community stronger.

Flowers and chocolates go together. When Peoples Flowers was looking for the best chocolates and candies to offer with its bouquets and gifts, we chose Buffett’s Candies. Buffett’s is another family-owned local Albuquerque business with a commitment to freshness and excellence. This is all part of the positive ripple effect that happens when customers shops local.

Why shop local?

Buying local supports your neighbors and their families and helps to build up the community around you. Here are four compelling reasons to shop local.

1. Keep money in the community: Locally-owned independent businesses put more money back into the community than chain stores. This re-investment comes in many forms, such as the hiring of local employees, donations to community organizations, and partnerships with other local companies.

2. Get better customer service: Have you ever been on hold with a mysterious call center far, far away? It’s not a pleasant experience. Buying local means that you have access to real people, right here in Albuquerque. Peoples Flowers prides itself on top customer service. We provide personalized floral design and can answer any questions you might have.

3. Support local non-profits: New Mexico is know for its generosity in funding and volunteering for community organizations. Local businesses are a huge part of supporting these non-profits. When local businesses are thriving, they have even more opportunities to support local charities in turn. Peoples Flowers supports many local organizations through its Helping Hands program. Those groups include Watermelon Mountain Ranch, Special Olympics New Mexico and Albuquerque Academy.

4. Celebrate what makes us unique: Peoples Flowers has nearly 70 years of experience as a uniquely New Mexico florist. We have our finger on the pulse of the community. We know the local trends, supply local chocolates, and listen to what our customers have to say. We are your local Albuquerque florist and we join you in celebrating our New Mexico culture and businesses. When you say you want a bouquet to match your chile ristras, we know exactly what you’re talking about!

Extra Special Daffodils Available Friday & Saturday Only

Some very special Daffodils will bring a shower of Spring and hope to Albuquerque home healthcare and hospice patients on March 23rd and March 24th.

Peoples Flower Shops have been a long time sponsor of Presbyterian’s Daffodil Days fundraiser.  This charitable activity raises funds to support Presbyterian Home Healthcare and Hospice patients with financial needs. Wayne Pollack, owner of Peoples Flower Shops, says, “We are honored to be involved in a project that delivers support at an intensely difficult and vulnerable time in patient’s lives.”

Daffodil Days is celebrating its 28th year. Over the next few days 160,000 beautiful daffodils will be sold throughout Albuquerque, New Mexico. 500 volunteers will help with unloading the flowers, unpacking boxes of vases, baby’s breath and greens, preparing the flowers, driving delivery routes and working at sales sites. The daffodils will be arranged into bunches and bouquets – some for early delivery and others destined for sales at over a dozen locations in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho.

For information on where you can purchase these arrangements please visit  Remember you can shop anytime for daffodils and other luxury arrangements at

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