Become Desktop Aware This Administrative Professionals Day

Here at Peoples Flowers, we would never miss the chance to say thank you to our administrative professionals, whose official day falls this year on April 25. And we’ve got just the way to kick things off, with a little initiative we’re calling “Desktop Awareness.” After a long winter, we’re certain that most work spaces could use a little perking up, if not a downright overhaul. We’re shining a light on the sorry states of our desks and demanding more. We’re demonstrating how flowers and plants can make a huge difference in our work lives, and we’re doing it on behalf of the admins.

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Celebrate Your Staff’s Hard Work during Administrative Professionals Week

march26p5Starting on April 20th and running through April 26th, Administrative Professionals Week will be here, and it will be that time of year again to supersize your motivational and recognition efforts for all those office workers, virtual staff, and team members that work hard on behalf of you and your organization.

Don’t forget that Administrative Professional Day is in the middle of the week on April 23rd so you may want to focus on this day or do something each day of the week to celebrate the talent you have on board.

At People’s Flower Shops, we are here to help you with flowers, plants, and gifts that will send your thanks and show them just how grateful you are for their hard work.feb3p4

Flower Collection

We can help you match the perfect flower arrangement to each of your staff, depending on their favorite type of flower or colors. With a talented floral design team, we can deliver a masculine or feminine styled flower arrangement that also fits your budget and wows every one of your employees.

Whether you select from our current collection of spring flowers, our exclusive Signature Designs, or a custom flower arrangement, we work with you to get you exactly what you have in mind. This time of year provides one of the widest varieties of flower types possible with tulips, daisies, carnations, roses, orchids, lilies and more!jan15p1

Green Plants that Promote Health and Wellness

Another option is to go with a green plant or flowering plant, which can be displayed in the office or taken home to be enjoyed. These plants help promote health and wellness as well as offer a great way to add nature to a work space.

We have plants in containers, baskets, and crates as well as stunning flowering plants and dish gardens to choose from, providing a nice alternative especially if anyone might be allergic to flowers.B Gourment Gift Ideas

Treats, Snacks, and Baskets

We have a huge gift selection to choose from that is also divided into ideas for men and women to help you shop easier and faster.

There are also gift baskets that are overflowing with fresh seasonal fruit, gourmet food, and sweets, which make this gift idea a value-added solution that can be shared with the whole staff. No one will go hungry with these enormous gift baskets.

Then there is seafood, made to order dinner packages, desserts and chocolates that are also available as part of our gift collection. You are sure to find something that delights your staff!giftp2

Albuquerque Delivery and National Delivery Schedule

While it is always best to order as soon as possible, we can also do same-day deliveries in case you waited until the last minute! We can deliver nationwide as well in case you have a talented staff member that works virtually on your behalf!

Send a Gift on Secretary’s Day or Recognize All Your Admins All Week Long!

adminp1While your secretary might be keeping track of your daily calendar and keeping you on track, it’s up to you remember that April 24th is Administrative Professionals Day and the week of April 22 is Admin Week.

adminp4This is your time to show admins and secretaries – and don’t forget those virtual assistants – just how much they are appreciated. Peoples Flower Shops has a wide range of flower arrangements, plants, and gift baskets available to make this Administrative Professional’s Day or Week the best ever.

This Year’s Admin Day and Secretary Day Selection

The Peoples Flower Shop team has a few of their favorite floral designs, plants, and gift baskets that they would like to share to give you some ideas of what is possible:

  • Peoples Signature Design features a choice of bright, bold colors or pastel tones and is the perfect size for a desk at the office or to take home.
  • A Bromeliad Plant is a unique plant that grows abundantly in tropical forests. It is available in a variety of colors and is a lasting gift to show your appreciation for many months.
  • The Survival Kit gift basket is the perfect choice for one or more admins at the office because it is available in many sizes. This is a fun gift that includes an assortment of treats such as candy, cookies, chips, popcorn, and sodas.adminp3

Stop by one of our five locations or shop through our easy and convenient online ordering system. We deliver all over the United States and serve all areas of New Mexico, including Albuquerque, Bernalilo, Cedar Crest, Corrales, Los Lunas, Nob Hill, Placitas, Rio Rancho and Westside.

Gifting on a Budget

During these tough economic times, we realize that companies stretched to the limit with many employees often doing more tasks than usual to help the company compete.

adminp2The companies who are retaining this talent are those that are rewarding them and showing just how much they value them as people. Even a gesture like a bouquet of flowers or basket full of goodies can make a difference to an admin who works tirelessly on your behalf.

And, because we recognize the importance of providing extra value, all of our flower arrangements, plants, and gifts are value-priced without compromising on quality or selection for you.  There is a wide offering to fit every budget to make it easy for you to recognize those who keep you on task and on time!

Celebrate Administrative Professionals’ Day in Albuquerque with Recognition and Flowers

Dendrobium Delight

A sophisticated orchid arrangement is a stand-out way to say "thank you" to an administrative professional.

When somebody makes your life easier, you say “Thank you.” When someone makes your business life easier, day in and day out, we call them an “administrative professional.” These hard workers have their own day for being recognized. This year, it is on April 25. That gives you some time to think about how to say “thank you” to the administrative professionals in your life.

History of Administrative Professionals’ Day

April 25, 2012 marks the 60th year of celebrating Administrative Professionals’ Day. When it was started in 1952, it was called “National Secretaries Week.” Ceremonies were held in Washington D.C. to kick off the celebration. One of the original purposes of the week was to address a shortage of skilled office workers that was happening at the time.

As years passed, the name evolved to truly reflect the wide range of job duties held by administrative specialists. The administrative professional title can cover a wide range of jobs, including executive assistants, office coordinators, office managers, receptionists and administrative assistants. These are the people who keep a business running smoothly. These are jobs that require a good eye for detail, strong management skills and the ability to meet deadlines. Administrative professionals are often working behind the scenes of a business. That’s why we have a dedicated day to celebrate their contributions.

Celebrate a special day

The International Association of Administrative Professionals has suggestions for honoring administrative professionals. Ideas include offering tuition reimbursement for college classes, supporting professional organizations, and providing registration for conferences or continuing education workshops.

The entire last week of April is dedicated to honoring administrative professionals, but that Wednesday is particularly special. One of the most visible ways to show your appreciation for an administrative professional is with flowers. Peoples Flowers has a special collection of bouquets and gift baskets designed especially for recognizing the contributions of administrative professionals.

Find the perfect flowers

Blooming Basket

A living plant arrangement lasts for a long time.

Think about the administrative professional you are honoring. Does he or she garden? Then the Blooming Basket of live plants or the European Garden collection makes a great gift that will continue to flourish for a long time to come. For a fun and contemporary look, check out the Dendrobium Delight. This eye-catcher features exotic orchids in a wire-wrapped cylinder vase that will really stand out on a desk.

Call 800-727-1600 or 505-884-1600 or come into any Peoples Flowers location (we have branches in Nob Hill, Downtown, Northeast Heights and Far North on Montgomery) to pick out a customized arrangement for your administrative professional. Carry it out yourself or have us deliver it as a work day surprise. We cover the entire Albuquerque metro area, including Corrales, Rio Rancho and Bernalillo. We can also arrange for deliveries nationwide.

Administrative Professionals’ Day is a great reminder to take a moment and thank the people who keep your business going every single work day. Perhaps the best gift of all is to remember to say, “Thank you. I appreciate your hard work.” There’s no brighter way to say that than with a bouquet.