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Posted by peoplesflowers on October 27, 2017 | Last Updated: August 12, 2020 Flowers

Roses for Veterans Day


Yes, we at Peoples Flower Shops said it. You can send roses for Veterans Day. Hear us out.

The venerable occasion we celebrate every November 11 or thereabouts doesn’t have a designated flower. And yet, on this day, when we as an Albuquerque community come together to honor our heroes through parades and observances, the accompanying decor is definitely emblematic. We wave flags, we wear uniforms. Why not add an official flower? One that we would all agree is triumphant, dignified and elegant?

You may think the other “V” Day has the market cornered on red roses, but in that case they symbolize romantic love. Red roses also suggest loyalty and boldness. They’re classic and noble, just like our patriots. And they’re one of the key colors in the American flag. And set alongside some other flowers, they can reflect a distinctly American scene. Witness our Roses & Stargazer Lilies:

While the lilies explode in the background like fireworks, and also mimic the stars on our flag, the roses rise triumphantly upward. A design like this is full of grace and communicates the poignancy of the occasion.


On the other hand, a nifty clutch of red roses in a modern cube vase is full of feeling, but that feeling is more like admiration than romantic attachment. These would look stellar on a bedside table or on the mantel.

We at Peoples Flower Shops join you this Veterans Day in honoring the veterans in our community and are happy to put together a piece worthy of your heroic recipient.