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Peoples Flowers – Mother’s Day

Mother's DayFrom the earliest records, we have of ancient cultures, we have held our mothers in high esteem. Around the world, numerous customs are celebrated to honor Mom, and although many look like the American version of Mother’s Day, some are quite distinct in their expression.

As Ireland traditionally has many Catholics, it is not surprising that their Mother’s Day observance originated in the Catholic tradition. Mother’s Day takes place on the fourth Sunday of Lent; in deference to the ritual of “Mothering Sunday” which was a day to return to one’s home, or “mother church”. There is no definitive time or event that we know of when people began to use the day to present their mothers with small tokens of appreciation on Mothering Sunday as well; although that has become the tradition. In Thailand. Mother’s Day is observed on the birthday of the reigning queen, Siskrit; which takes place in August. In Ethiopia, Mother’s Day spans nearly a full week, and is a feast involving family and friends, and lots of celebration.

Mother's DayWe have observed Mother’s Day in the United States since 1914 when Anna Jarvis was successful in having the day placed on our calendars as a national holiday. Over the last century, many diverse countries have embraced the American custom of Mother’s Day, also celebrating on the second Sunday of May. Gifts, flowers, and cards are given in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, the UK and India; although Mother’s Day in India is only about ten years old. In a culture and society that already has a calendar full of festivals and holidays, it is a striking fact that Mother’s Day has gained such popularity in such a short period.

Mother's DayCloser to home, Mother’s Day is one of the most popular annual consumer holidays regarding gifts and cards purchased. This reality so troubled Anna Jarvis in the later years of her life that she reversed her position and fought to have Mother’s Day removed from the calendar. Mother’s Day continues to evolve, with political activists often choosing the day as perfect for awareness campaigns and protests regarding equal rights for women across the globe.

Still, the best reason to celebrate Mother’s Day is to recognize the most amazing mom in the world – yours. If you are looking for a way that is both gorgeous and meaningful, consider sending a vivid spring bouquet from Peoples Flowers. Look through our selection here on our website, or speak with one of our florists to create a personal arrangement – but order soon to guarantee that your chosen flowers are still available for this popular day.