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Introducing Three New 2016 Additions to Our Spring Flower Arrangement Collection

Spring has officially arrived. For many people, spring is all about taking care of yard work, planting flowers in their front or backyards, and doing general chores that spruce up and beautify the outdoor area surrounding their homes. Our team of talented Peoples Flowers floral designers went all out to come up with a few brand new spectacular floral arrangements that embrace the beautiful colors and flowers that are so synonymous with spring and the feeling of new beginnings.

Stargazer and Hydrangea

Our Stargazer and Hydrangea Arrangement is the newest addition to our collection of Stargazer Lily designs. Our tall square vase is the perfect vessel for this showy bouquet. Lush hydrangeas spill over the top of the container as long stems of pink Stargazer lilies take the spotlight as the superstars of this simple but elegant spring display. We add bear grass as an accent. The hydrangeas are surrounded by stems of seeded eucalyptus, including the leaves. If the front door of your home opens to a foyer, this is a dramatic arrangement with which to greet visitors. It would also brighten a living room, a family room, or a den when you place it on a console table where it is sure to attract a lot of attention.

Floral Sophistication

When it comes to luxury, you can’t find anything more appropriate than our newest addition to the luxury collection. Our Floral Sophistication is a design that embraces spring with bold colors and plenty of flowers. For this arrangement, we chose flowers that make a bold statement the moment anyone lays eyes on it. The emphasis is on different shades of pink and purple, including roses, snapdragons, stock, and Alstroemeria. Yellow lilies add interest and create a striking color palette. The large dark green leave that lines the clear glass vase conceals the flower stems, directing attention to the gorgeous flowers that make this arrangement what it is. The seeded eucalyptus that spills over the top of the base is an accent that adds interest to this dramatic, elegant and sophisticated display.

Simple Expressions

Sometimes, a simple flower design is so stunning that delivers a message you’d expect to receive with a bolder, more luxurious and over the top arrangement. We kept that in mind when we came up with the idea for Simple Expressions, another new addition to the 2016 spring collection. We wanted this design to capture the feeling that you went out to your garden and picked every flower one by one, hoping to bring a bit of spring’s bountiful beauty into your home or office. Tall pink snapdragons stand out against the dark red of the roses and the sunny warmth of the yellow lilies. We added accents of purple sea lavender for contrast, and to create a fuller look.


We encourage all of our customers to come in, call us or take a look at the new designs we created for 2016. Any or all of these beautiful arrangements will bring the warm, happy and playful feelings that characterize the beauty we see in nature at this time of the year, into the home.