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Posted by peoplesflowers on February 2, 2017 Flowers

Floral Designers Have Their Day

floral designersFloral Design Day originated as a tribute to Carl Rittner, founder of the School of Floral Design in Boston. Rittner is recognized by many to be a visionary in the industry, and one of the first to see floral design as an artistic discipline. His legacy is seen today in the thousands of talented professionals working at florists across America. If you have ever enjoyed a beautiful arrangement or floral bouquet from Peoples Flowers, there is a floral designer to thank. 
floral designersFloral Design Day was officially added to the calendar in 1995, but people have looked to nature for artistic inspiration for thousands of years. We can look to periods of history and see the styles of the day reflected in preferred floral designs. For instance, in the Victorian Era (ranging from 1830 to 1900), flowers were used to convey secret messages, with each bloom representing a distinct sentiment. This Romantic Era was characterized by lavish bouquets of mixed flowers, and the variety was less relevant than its meaning. Flowers and plants were used to exhibit luxury and beauty and were even utilized as fashion accessories.

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Design inspired by the Art Nouveau movement was prevalent in the late 1800’s, and was known aesthetically by  “violent curves”. An arrangement evoking this style may be comprised of fluid movements, curves, and rounded asymmetrical vases and containers. Art Deco follows closely, birthed from a 1925 exhibition in Paris. The style showcases contemporary, mathematic themes and bold lines. This style was unique in that the geometric container was nearly as important as the flowers in execution.

From opulent wildflower bouquets to angular and confident creations, floral designing has a rich legacy. Today, we celebrate all styles, and our talented designers are skilled in working in all genres. On Floral Design Day, celebrate by making Albuquerque a little more beautiful, with a true work of art from Peoples Flowers.