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Posted by peoplesflowers on April 23, 2018 Flowers

Fantastic Gifts For Fantastic Women

May is a big month for women; we’ve got Mother’s Day, National Nurses Day and National Teachers Day all in the first couple of weeks. Since these last two reflect fields mostly dominated by women, we can safely say that this is really a time to appreciate and honor the strongest women in our lives. Peoples Flower Shops thinks these super ladies should be feted and thanked all year long, but this is definitely the moment to make your gratitude concrete. We’ve come up with two ideal gifts for the women who educate, nurture, protect and otherwise empower the rest of us.

Both nurse’s and teacher’s deserve a little TLC in the form of a little snacktime indulgence at the end of the day. That’s why we Gourmet Food and Fruit Basket recommend our as a thank-you gift. This is the perfect balance of healthy foods and sweet treats, with several items lending themselves to grab-on-the-go and the rest meant for later, after the long day is over. Deliver with a bottle of wine and your appreciation will get more in return.

If you want to go the green route (an excellent choice, considering the health benefits of having a plant around, especially in the notoriously germy spaces of classrooms and hospitals), get a Succulent Garden. This lush mix of greens is easy to maintain, hardy, visually appealing and not likely to stir up anyone’s allergies. Succulent’s are fascinating to look at and a pleasure to watch grow. They also endure, remaining a constant reminder of your gratitude.

Remember to honor the super ladies in your life this May with thoughtful gifts that will thoroughly express your thanks.