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Posted by peoplesflowers on November 19, 2014 Flowers

Deciding on the Perfect Flowers for a Winter Wedding 

thumbnailA bride will often choose her wedding flowers to match the aura and theme of the big day. A winter wedding may bring to mind visions of dark red flowers, vibrant green leaves, and touches of snow-white blooms. Within those classic winter colors, a bride has endless options for the grace and style of her bouquets and wedding flowers.

Choosing the Style of Bouquet

A dynamic part of any wedding, the bride’s bouquet is the design from which all other decisions about flowers are made. If the bride will wear a gown with lacy, flowing skirts in an ethereal wedding, a cascade bouquet filled with twisting ivy and ivory roses will help create the fairy tale.

If the bride’s vision is a sophisticated and contemporary wedding, the nosegay bouquet will suit nicely. A style that dates back hundreds of years, a nosegay bouquet at a winter wedding may feature soft yellow roses for casual elegance. Another style may feature a bouquet of orchids for modern sophistication.

Beautiful Red Flowerslarge

Colors of red and white will warm the cool weather of a winter wedding, and several types of gorgeous red flowers add spice and fire to the occasion. Classic red roses are a daring option for winter wedding flowers, particularly when paired with vivid white lilies.

A red bouquet might feature tightly bunched red roses for a contemporary feel or some red calla lilies for brides looking for a classic and simple affair. Red bouquets are a beautiful part of a winter wedding whether they’re the signature color or whether the bouquets and arrangements feature harmonizing white flowers and deep green leaves.

Gorgeous White Blooms

One of the most beautiful and popular contemporary bouquet options is an arrangement made entirely of white flowers like amaryllis, orchids, or calla lilies. For late winter weddings, tulips might even be on the menu.

A creative way to create a white winter wedding is by using subtle, different shades of white like ivory, cream, or eggshell. It’s possible to create a bright and vivid display by choosing various shades of white with simple flowers like gerbera daisies, carnations or festive blooms like ranunculus.

When a bride chooses to marry in the winter, the colors are often a reminder of the holiday season, but so many subtle shades exist beyond those vibrant shades of red and white. Let the beautiful flowers of a winter wedding warm your guests with the love and heart of the occasion.