Centerpieces for Your Holiday Table

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holiday tableThe holiday table is a place of great celebration, love, and laughter. For all of the traditions that we enjoy, it is the dinner that is most anticipated and most remembered. Many people pull out the box full of old decorations every year to decorate for this special holiday. But this year, the experts at Peoples Flowers suggest that you start a new tradition, and update your centerpieces to create a beautiful focal point for the Thanksgiving meal.

Striking contemporary fresh flower designs are our specialty. Our professional designers work with exquisite fall flowers such as gerberas, lilies, alstroemeria, and roses; ad well as eucalyptus, hypericum berries, and other natural elements. The warmth and comfort that exudes from these arrangements will bring all of that ambiance to your holiday table.
holiday table

Did You Know? Polls have shown us that turkey is not one of our favorite foods on the Thanksgiving table. Of the top 10 foods listed, turkey came in 10th in popularity. The number one food on Thanksgiving is, not surprisingly Рpie! So whether you love pumpkin or apple, make sure that you have a lot of this popular dessert on your table to keep everyone happy.

holiday table

It is easy to breathe new life into your Thanksgiving celebrations. Peoples Flowers has created centerpieces that
use traditional colors in modern designs, and familiar flowers in unique arrangements. Your table will shine with holiday festivity in any style you choose. Whether you select one of our centerpieces or have us create a floral piece just for you – your holiday table will never look more beautiful.

holiday tablePeoples Flowers has been decorating the holiday tables in Albuquerque for decades, and we continually look for fresh and new ways to celebrate with you. This year, start a new Thanksgiving tradition and add fresh flowers to your table. But give us a call soon, because the holiday will be upon us before we know it.



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