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Posted by peoplesflowers on February 9, 2017 Flowers

Celebrate International Women’s Day Locally

international women's dayInternational Women’s Day, celebrated on March the 8th, has rallied women from all over the world for over 100 years. The movement began in the Soviet Union and Eastern bloc nations as women sought equal rights and social justice, but the idea quickly spread across Europe. With activities and celebrations in nearly 100 countries and events planned in nearly every U.S. state, it is an initiative that continues to pick up steam. The organizers of this year’s events have promoted the day’s activities to revolve around a theme, and a social media campaign – #BeBoldForChange.

Events range from concerts, galas, technical symposiums, career fairs and even fun runs. There are online forums taking place as well. But if you would like to observe the occasion a bit more locally, Peoples Flowers has some ideas.

* Send a note to women in your town who are making a difference – advocates, politicians, school board members. Let them know you appreciate the work they are doing. If you know them personally, add a plant or some flowers! Palms and laurels represent victory and success, while protea and gladioli signify strength of character.
International Women's Day
* Volunteer at a local organization that is investing in young women, such as a girl’s club, Big Sisters, or a career mentoring program. Instilling confidence, compassion and wisdom is a sure way to guarantee that the next generation influences the world in a positive way.

* Donate to a global initiative that is helping to fight injustices, lift women out of poverty, and advocate for social change. You may never meet the women you are helping, but you can be assured that your support is greatly appreciated.

Peoples Flowers helps you to honor the women you appreciate all year long. On March the 8th, let some amazing women right here in Albuquerque know that you recognize their impact on the world. And don’t forget the flowers.