June, Anniversaries & Flowers

It’s June, and people are getting married, and we here at Peoples Flower Shops are 100% here for it.

More people get married this month than any other during the year, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s warm but not too warm. Precipitation lightens up. Vacations are a go, and the kids are home from school. Everything points the way to celebrations worth traveling for as well as worth having. Who doesn’t want the sun to shine on the most important day of their lives? Where there are weddings, there are anniversaries, and while we provide the petals for both weddings and the commemoration of them, we want to showcase the work we do for the latter category.

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Florals for Anniversaries & Weddings


Statistics reveal that June is the most popular month for weddings, and thus it has been dubbed National Wedding Month. Across much of the United States, June provides the perfect weather for weddings, but there are also some possible historical reasons for a couple’s tendency to choose June as their special month.  Although here in Albuquerque June may be a bit warm, this month still gives us a great opportunity to talk about wedding and anniversary flowers.  No matter which month you choose to tie the knot,  you can be assured that Peoples Flowers will provide the most exceptional wedding flowers – as well as anniversary flowers as your life together progresses. Continue reading

Albuquerque Weddings, Engagements, Anniversaries

Albuquerque weddingsMany people may be surprised to learn that February is National Wedding Month. After all, it might seem more logical that such a designation would be given to June, September, or October – the top three months for wedding ceremonies nationwide. But there is actually a great reason for the selection of February, and it involves Christmas! To learn more, read on.

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Decorating Your Wedding with the Color Red

thumbnail 4.59.56 PMRed is a brilliant, bold color that embraces love and passion. It is a classic look for the modern wedding, and embraced by brides of all styles and tastes. If you are considering red for your wedding, here are some tips to consider.

Consider Red as an Accent Color

Red is a brilliant, bold color, and you may wish to use it as an accent rather than the main color in your wedding. If you do, there are many ways you can incorporate it into your decor. Red bows on the end of seating rows, a red runner down the center aisle as you walk up to say your vows and red accents throughout the decor and the food will all add up to a beautiful ceremony with just the right touch of red.

Go Bold with Red as a Focal Point

Red is such a brilliant color, and it contrasts so well with the beautiful white tulle and gown most brides embrace, so you can easily turn it into a focal point of your wedding. Brilliant red floral designs and bouquets, bold red decor and dishes and other red accents, including red crystal wine glasses and, of course, a plethora of red rose petals, will make a stunning display.

Red Floral Arrangements Truly Pop at Weddings6-121030115018

Nothing says love quite like a red rose, and many brides choose red as their wedding color for the sake of the floral options alone. These brilliant red arrangements make a stunning statement at your wedding. If you are using red for your wedding, Peoples Flower Shops will help you create the perfect floral arrangements for your needs. Whether you choose a cascading bouquet, contemporary bouquet, nosegay bouquet or hand-tied bouquet, we will help your love for the color red come through brilliantly with our special designs.

Red Food Options

When it comes to food, the options are nearly limitless for adding red. Red frosting roses on cakes and cupcakes, red punch, red strawberries and red cherries can all brighten up your food table. Consider adding a whimsical candy buffet to your wedding, where you will find it easy to showcase your love for red.

As you can see, red can easily be incorporated into your wedding. Starting with the flowers and ending with dessert, you can have a beautiful, stunning wedding with this passionate color.


Elegant Holiday Weddings

If you are looking to save a little moneshutterstock_77685085y and want to get married in the winter, a holiday wedding is an excellent choice. Over Christmas and New Year’s, venues are decked out in their holiday finery. You can have an elegant wedding with less expensive if you get married during this time of year. Here are some tips to help.

Utilize Existing Decor

Find out how the venue you are using will be decorated, and try to Wedding-Bouquet-Overview-120718123522work with it in your own planning. This will help you save money, and often venues are decorated with the help of decorating professionals, giving you an elegant look to your wedding. You can add a few floral arrangements that bring your unique tastes into the picture, and have a festive, beautiful wedding with minimal effort.

Tell People Early

If you still have time, tell people early about your wedding date. Remember, this time of year is busy for people for a variety of reasons. The sooner you tell them your date, the more of a chance you will have of having the people you care about attend.

Choose the Right Nosegay-Wedding-Bouquets-120718123558Bouquet

Because your venue may already be decorated, your bouquet is going to become the focal point of your floral purchases. Choose from one of four popular styles: Cascading, contemporary,  or hand-tied. Red, white and blue are popular colors for holiday bouquets as well. Keep in mind that you will want to match your bouquet colors to the colors the venue will be decorated with, so ask ahead before you order your flowers.

The holiday season, with its twinkling lights and happy feelings, is an excellent time to consider a wedding. Make plans for your holiday wedding now, and enjoy starting life together at one of the most festive times of year.


Deciding on the Perfect Flowers for a Winter Wedding 

thumbnailA bride will often choose her wedding flowers to match the aura and theme of the big day. A winter wedding may bring to mind visions of dark red flowers, vibrant green leaves, and touches of snow-white blooms. Within those classic winter colors, a bride has endless options for the grace and style of her bouquets and wedding flowers.

Choosing the Style of Bouquet

A dynamic part of any wedding, the bride’s bouquet is the design from which all other decisions about flowers are made. If the bride will wear a gown with lacy, flowing skirts in an ethereal wedding, a cascade bouquet filled with twisting ivy and ivory roses will help create the fairy tale.

If the bride’s vision is a sophisticated and contemporary wedding, the nosegay bouquet will suit nicely. A style that dates back hundreds of years, a nosegay bouquet at a winter wedding may feature soft yellow roses for casual elegance. Another style may feature a bouquet of orchids for modern sophistication.

Beautiful Red Flowerslarge

Colors of red and white will warm the cool weather of a winter wedding, and several types of gorgeous red flowers add spice and fire to the occasion. Classic red roses are a daring option for winter wedding flowers, particularly when paired with vivid white lilies.

A red bouquet might feature tightly bunched red roses for a contemporary feel or some red calla lilies for brides looking for a classic and simple affair. Red bouquets are a beautiful part of a winter wedding whether they’re the signature color or whether the bouquets and arrangements feature harmonizing white flowers and deep green leaves.

Gorgeous White Blooms

One of the most beautiful and popular contemporary bouquet options is an arrangement made entirely of white flowers like amaryllis, orchids, or calla lilies. For late winter weddings, tulips might even be on the menu.

A creative way to create a white winter wedding is by using subtle, different shades of white like ivory, cream, or eggshell. It’s possible to create a bright and vivid display by choosing various shades of white with simple flowers like gerbera daisies, carnations or festive blooms like ranunculus.

When a bride chooses to marry in the winter, the colors are often a reminder of the holiday season, but so many subtle shades exist beyond those vibrant shades of red and white. Let the beautiful flowers of a winter wedding warm your guests with the love and heart of the occasion.