Flowers for the Whole Year

zoom_flowersayear750109Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Do you have a plan? If you are looking for a way to ensure that your gift is one she will never forget, why not arrange to give flowers for an entire year? With the help of People’s Flower Shops, you can give a gift that will make a lasting impression with flowers for a year.

Flowers for a Year Makes a Tremendous Impression

Flowers always make a great impression, and the first arrangement the recipient receives will be breathtakingly beautiful, like all of our arrangements. You can start with one of our beautiful Valentine’s Day arrangements, such as Forever in Love or the ever-classic 12 Roses and Accent Flowers.

Yet the gift doesn’t stop there. Next month, right around the time the first arrangement is no longer on display, another delivery will arrive on the recipient’s doorstep. A fresh, seasonal bouquet will arrive every single month. All year long, your loved one will be reminded of your affection. As an added bonus, you will already have a gift that is delivered for every major milestone and anniversary you have.

How to Order Flowers for a Year

To order flowers for a year, start with your first order. We have a number of beautiful arrangements that will make a great impression from the very first delivery. Then, talk to one of our representatives to set a budget and discuss the options you would like for your future deliveries. We will set up the deliveries for every month for the rest of the year.

Give a gift that your loved one will remember forever. With flowers for a year from People’s Flower Shops, you can’t go wrong.


Last Chance to Order for Valentine’s Day!

jan20p1Valentine’s Day is this Friday, so this is your last chance to order fresh flowers or gifts from People’s Flower Shops. We are still taking orders and will do so as long as we have flowers and gifts to do so.

We would like to recommend that you call, email, or come in now to place your Valentine’s Day order so you can take advantage of the variety and Valentine’s Day promotions now available for a limited time.jan20p3

While we have more staff and drivers in place for the busiest day of the year, we don’t want to let any of you down by not being able to get your orders just as they planned or not have it delivered at the time you want.

Valentine’s Day Collection Highlights

If you are still deciding or not sure what your sweetheart will like, here are some highlights of what we have available for your consideration:

  • Premium Roses – All colors and quantities, these roses are sold exclusively by us so your sweetheart will have something no one else has – unless, of course, they shopped with us! These beauties can be hand arranged into a bouquet all on their own with a touch of baby’s breath and greenery or they can be added to any of our extraordinary Valentine’s Day designs.bossp1
  • Signature Designs – We have exotic flower arrangements, including orchids, as well as numerous signature floral designs not found anywhere else. This will show your sweetheart that you have gone out of your way to find something unique and special.
  • Custom Arrangements – If you tell us what you want to spend, what flowers and colors your sweetheart loves the most, and describe a way you want to display it, our floral design team can custom create it for you.
  • Gifts – We’ve got something for everyone – men, women, and children, so you can wrap up all your Valentine’s Day shopping with us. There are many delectable items to create a Valentine’s Day romantic meal for two, including dessert, as well as gift baskets, fresh fruit baskets, chocolates, sweets, and more.jan20p4

Many of our flower arrangements can be upgraded plus we have special promotions on Facebook for our loyal followers as well as in-store deals. What are you waiting for? That special day is just around the corner!

Make this the Best Valentine’s Day EVER!

feb3p5To help you make this a Valentine’s Day to remember, we’re here with a wide range of unique flower arrangements, bouquets, and gifts not to mention some Valentine’s Day add-ons that include balloons, greeting cards, and stuffed animals.feb3p4

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Women

We have all kinds of gifts for women that is sure to delight your sweetheart. Here are just a few of the gifts we have available:

  • Send her premium roses in all different colors and quantities that are hand arranged with greenery and baby’s breath in a tall glass vase.
  • Go exotic with your flower selection, including the option to gift her with orchids, lilies, or tropical flowers.
  • Tulips have arrived, and these make a special statement.
  • Enjoy a wide range of gift baskets in various sizes and themes, including those that feature olive oil products, spa products, coffee and tea, fresh fruit or savory selections.
  • If your gal has a sweet tooth, you can satisfy her with any number of sweet treats and freshly baked goods.
  • If your girl has a green thumb, she will be sure to appreciate an indoor green plant or a flowering plant, dish garden, or basket of flowers.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men

Valentine’s Day is for guys, too! We have a number of ideas for you to show just how much you care for that special man in your life:feb3p3

  • We have a wide range of sweet treats, including a premium Godiva chocolate tower, chocolate dipped cookies, brownies, cheesecake bites, a junk food survival gift basket and more!feb3p1
  • Another popular gift for guys is a scrumptious seafood dinner like our Main Shore Clambake. It has everything for a romantic Valentine’s Dinner for 2 (even the utensils, bibs, towelettes, seafood forks and a cooking manual!), including 2 live 1 1/2 lb. Maine lobsters, 2 pounds of fresh littleneck clams, 18 ounces of New England clam chowder, 2 servings of new potatoes and sweet corn, a whole lemon, clarified butter and oyster crackers.

Order Now for Valentine’s Day!

Although we always make extra preparations for the busiest day of the year, including ordering extra flowers, plants, and gifts from our partners as well as hiring extra staff and drivers, we do – and have – run out of flowers even before Valentine’s Day arrives due to the orders placed well in advance.feb3p2

We don’t want to disappoint any of our customers. To make sure you get exactly what you want to make this the best Valentine’s Day ever, be sure to order now whether you visit one of our Albuquerque flower shops or order by phone, online, or through our Facebook page! Now is the time to do it!

Flowers, Chocolates, or Both? That is the Question, and Peoples Flower Shops is the Answer

Grand Reserve Rose plus VaseWhile you are debating the age old question of what to get your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day, we thought we would help you by providing you with a collection of Valentine’s Day gifts so you can see if it is flowers, chocolates, or both.

Let’s Start with Valentine’s Day Flowers

The classic Valentine’s Day gift is flowers, which are traditionally roses that represent love especially those of the deep, dark red variety. That’s not to say that roses of another color don’t work either, and we have some stunning colors like pink, hot pink, ice white, yellow and lavender.teacherp2

Then, we have a plethora of Valentine’s Day flower arrangements, including those in cubes, baskets, and vases. Everything imaginable in terms of floral designs is available, including a collection of over-sized arrangements with multiple dozens of flowers.

Of course, our floral design team also loves to custom create what you may have in mind. They enjoy the creativity and challenge of recreating what you are imagining and turning it into reality. And, when there is love involved, it makes even more special for our flower design team.  memorable3

Then There’s Chocolate

We know it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like chocolate. In fact, most people absolutely adore chocolate in any form and look forward to having an excuse to it over this holiday of love.

This year, we have added a number of new goodies for Valentine’s Day that we are excited to share with you. First, we have a gift basket that we have called “Sweets for the Sweet,” including premium chocolate products like Toblerone.friendshipp4

Another delicious item is our chocolate dipped mini cheesecake bites. They include such yummy ingredients as milk, dark, and white chocolate as well as toppings like almonds, mini chocolate chips, and dark chocolate nonpareils.

We also have an incredible Godiva tower of treats as well as a massive chocolate drizzle cake and chocolate covered cookies.

Plus Other Valentine’s Day Treats

We also have to share these other Valentine’s Day ideas with you that may help turn it into an incredible day or evening. If you don’t want to go out to a crowded restaurant then how about ordering one of our incredible clambakes or surf and turf combos? That way you can enjoy your flowers, an intimate dinner at home, and chocolates for dessert all from one Valentine’s Day partner!

Valentine’s Day is around the Corner – Why Not Offer Your Sweetheart Some Stunning Ecuadorian Roses

With just a few weeks left until Valentine’s Day, now is the time to think about ordering roses for your loved one, if you haven’t started planning already.  As the symbol of love, roses are the most popular choice to show your sweetheart just how much they mean to you.jan20p1

Many florists, including our own flower shops throughout Albuquerque, partner with Ecuadorian rose farmers. One article in the Ecuadorian Times explained that the country is known as the “paradise of roses.” The country has established a reputation for producing the best roses in the world.jan20p2

The United States has become Ecuador’s largest buyer, taking 41% of the market each year. Volume keeps growing as the demand for the high-quality, unique roses steadily increases. This year, there is already signs of a larger Valentine’s Day for florists who offer such stunning roses, including our own Valentine’s Day orders, which have been coming in since the start of the year.

This year, we already have some special pricing on a dozen roses in many colors, including pink roses, red roses, yellow roses and lavender roses. In our Valentine’s Day collection, we also have promotional pricing on larger arrangements of roses as well as stunning mixed flower arrangements.

This includes such stunning floral designs as “Forever in Love,” which is a large arrangement of mixed flowers that includes some of our favorite Ecuadorian roses. We also offer the Designer’s Choice Valentine’s Day bouquet for those of you who cannot decide what they want. With three price points, you tell us your budget and our floral design team will create the perfect show of love for you to gift your sweetheart.jan20p4jan20p3

Even our smaller arrangements like “Pretty and Precious” show off the beauty of roses while offering you a budget-conscious arrangement for Valentine’s Day that is perfect if you want to send flowers to your spouse, mom, sister or other family members.

We offer same-day delivery this Valentine’s Day to the Albuquerque area, so now is the time to order to make sure your loved one gets everything they deserve. Remember that we are also your headquarters for chocolates, sweets, gift baskets, stuffed animals, balloons and greeting cards!

Peoples Flowers is Your One-Stop Valentine’s Flower Shop

pretty1Valentine’s Day is just a few days away. It is getting to the time where if you haven’t started to plan that special day for your special someone, you may be too late if you don’t act now!pretty4

Restaurants are booking up and finding a place for you and your partner is only going to get harder. However, what is going to be even harder is getting that exquisite gift you had wanted to get them.

Luckily though, here in Albuquerque at Peoples Flowers, we realized that it would probably get pretty crowded and that we had to stay stocked up for Valentine’s Day. As this special holiday of love approaches, we thought we would offer some last-minute ideas to help those of you that are procrastinators!pretty2

Flowers Galore

As a local small business florist in Albuquerque, we know how important it is to cultivate relationships with the local growers.

Not only does it help us get access to the freshest flowers, but it also means that we can stay as stocked as possible.

In partnership with our local growers, here is our selection of Valentine’s Day favorites:

  • Roses: We have got lots and lots of roses, including red roses, pink roses, lavender roses, white roses and yellow roses. We offer bouquets of roses by the dozen or multiple dozens as well as Valentine’s Day arrangements that include a combination of roses and other flowers like carnations, tulips, and more.
  • Tulips: Many people are straying away from the typical Valentine’s Day flower known as the red rose. We have begun offering some great alternatives to the Valentine’s Day staple. Take the Radiantly Tulips arrangements, available in both red and pink. They are sure to put a smile on your partner’s face as something truly unique.
  • Roses and Lilies: Another great Valentine’s Day arrangement combines traditional and unique. Pairing beautiful long stem red roses with stunning stargazer lilies makes for quite the eye candy known as our Roses and Lilies arrangement.

Of course, these are just a few of the many Valentine’s Day arrangements we have available both in store and online. We also have flowering plants, garden baskets, plants, and all types of gifts like gourmet food, chocolates, and coffee.pretty3

From all of us at Peoples Flowers, we’d like to send our very best for a wonderful Valentine’ s Day for you, your friends and family, and your special someone!

Get in Gear for Valentine’s Day

ppl3Men, you all probably know that we are in the month of February and that means that Valentine’s Day is practically already here. Surely some of you know what you are going to be doing for your special someone this holiday.

For those of you who don’t or are just not sure yet, worry no more because People’s Flowers of Albuquerque, New Mexico has got the perfect thing for you.

We have put together a Valentine’s Day Survival guide, the kind of reading material that covers all of the dos and don’ts for what many regard as the most romantic day of the year. We’ve put together a strategy for every part of Valentine’s Day – from the date to the gift to the night out.ppl1

The Date

It’s not too late to plan ahead.  Restaurants and events do book up fast on Valentine’s Day because everyone likes to go out to eat on Valentine’s Day.  There are only two reasons you shouldn’t be making a reservation at the time of reading this.

The first is that one of you has to work on Valentine’s Day in which case you can setup a date night on the weekend, which will be less crowded and probably not need a reservation.ppl2

The second is that you like to cook and will be planning a romantic meal for dinner by candlelight at your home.  Or, you might even make it into a picnic feast, depending on the weather and what you like to do.

The Gift

This is another one of those things that you should have already planned ahead. Luckily, we have a great stock of vibrant and fresh roses in right now as well as other flowers that work well for Valentine’s Day, including orchids and tulips.

Check out our shop or go online to view our fine Valentine’s Day arrangements and bouquets with the signature quality that our customers have come to expect. On Valentine’s Day, roses make great gifts and are renowned for being the flower that represents love.

The Night

All of your preparation has built up to this, so the planning needs to now be set into action. When you go to pick up your significant other, let those manners and that chivalry take over. That means opening car doors and restaurant doors as well as pushing in the chair and taking care of all the small details.

ppl4Put the focus on now enjoying all the efforts you put into planning a special Valentine’s Day. Now, it’s time to relax and enjoy each other’s love and company. Memories just aren’t about flowers, gifts, and restaurants; they are also about reflecting on why you fell in love in the first place.

Planning a Valentine’s Day to Remember

memorable1Love is in the air and Valentine’s Day is just a couple short weeks away. Over here at Albuquerque’s Premier Florist , we have worked day and night to get everything ready for the big day. Valentine’s Day is a special event that has been long celebrated in our country and others.

You may not realize where it came from or what it truly represents beyond a day to celebrate your love for your significant other. This blog posts provides some history on Valentine’s Day and wraps up some of the ideas we have on offer for you!

The Origin of Valentine’s Day

By many, Valentine’s Day is regarded as the most romantic day of the year. While there are many stories as to how it originated, one specific story comes from a time when soldiers of the Roman Empire could not be wed.

memorable2Instead, Saint Valentinus performed weddings in secret and eventually this landed him in jail. While his actions alone were both self-sacrificial and truly romantic, the story does not end with Valentinus’s imprisonment.

The legend goes onto say that, while imprisoned, Valentinus healed the daughter of his jailer and that before his execution he left her a message. The message that Valentinus left the daughter of his jailer is said to have said, “From your valentine,” which served as his farewell.

While this love story ends in tragedy, it is often believed that the celebration of love had come from this very event. And, it was what started the celebration we know today of exchanging valentines and gifts with those we adore.memorable4

The Finest Selection on Valentine’s Day

Valentinus sacrificed everything in the name of love and gave his finest for his valentine. While you don’t have to give up your life, you are most likely expected to treat your loved one to something special that they will be sure to remember.

With our hand-selected, exquisite Ecuadorian Red Roses, you can offer the very finest of flowers in all of New Mexico. Our Ecuadorian Red Roses are truly something else. They are colored a breathtaking and vibrant red and always fresh — you absolutely cannot go wrong with this gift.

memorable3However, we don’t stop with just the quality of the plant. Quantity counts too! We do offer a dozen of these beauties, but then we go over the top by putting together a bouquet of 48 Ecuadorian Red Roses! Four dozen roses are sure to send the message of your love this Valentine’s Day!

Of course, we also have many other fine roses, floral arrangements, gifts and more to suit every budget and make this a truly spectacular Valentine’s Day!

Perfect Gifts for the Valentine in Your Life

romance1With the most romantic day of the year just a few short weeks away you are all probably beginning to do more than just browse. That’s right — we are most certainly well into the planning stages of Valentine’s Day.

What are you going to get her? What are you going to get him? Where is their favorite restaurant in town or should you be planning a weekend getaway? For everyone the answers to these questions are going to be very different. Whatever your plans — casual or glamorous —  we want to help you make it as easy as possible.

We’ve Got Gifts Galore

Over here at Albuquerque’s premier flower shop, we have got gifts of every kind. Our shelves are stocked with gifts perfect for men, women, and children, and this Valentine’s Day we have got the perfect gift for you and your love.

Whether you are looking for flower bouquets, flower arrangements, green plants, gift baskets or something a little more unique, at People’s Flowers, you will surely see that we have just the thing for Valentine’s Day.romance3

Flowers are Traditional

Somewhere along the line, flowers became the traditional gift when showing your affection, including red roses as the symbol of love. At People’s Flowers, we have a wide variety of beautiful fresh cut flowers and roses, both in store and online.

A traditional dozen rose bouquet is, of course, one of the most common gifts on Valentine’s Day. Stay traditional with our Dozen Red Rose Bouquet that is not only arranged with stunning roses, but it also has a beautiful presentation.

romance2We also offer a variety of beautiful arranged flowers, such as our True Romance arrangement. Crafted by skilled and caring hands, you can easily show your love how much they mean with the True Romance arrangement. The arrangement is available online and in-store with multiple color schemes, so check them out today.

Go Green this Valentines

If you want to stand out and be eco-friendly this holiday, why not check out our great variety of green plants? These living green plants not only keep giving month after month and have been proven to have actual health benefits. Green plants also make great gifts for men who may not necessarily be into flowers!

Gifts and Baskets

There are sweet gifts and tempting gift baskets already for you to grab this Valentine’s Day that also helps ensure the guys get their share of loved-up gifts thanks to our creative team. We have gifts for the gentlemen as well as a wide range of delicacies from seafood to cakes that will be sure to tempt anyone and everyone. Time to get shopping with us!six4

Albuquerque’s Spot for Valentine’s Flowers and Gifts

six1The biggest day in the country for flower shops everywhere is rapidly approaching, but Albuquerque residents should look no further than your friendly and local People’s Flowers. We are fully stocking our store with the freshest floral arrangements for local residents in Albuquerque and the surrounding areas.

That’s right, our floral bouquets and arrangements are farm fresh and as beautiful as a precious gem. We are offering a little bit of everything this Valentine’s Day, including bouquets, flower arrangements, add-on gifts and gift baskets.

A Gift for Every Taste and Budget

At People’s Flowers, we take pride in what we do. Whether that is showing a customer around the shop or creating an extravagant piece of floral artwork, the customer comes first, especially when it comes to putting together the perfect Valentine’s Day bouquet or arrangement.

six2This Valentine’s Day , you must come in to our store and check out all we have to offer. Our friendly and informed staff will be there to happily assist you.

If you don’t have time to stop by, our website has been updated on the latest Valentine’s Day floral masterpieces as well as add-ons, gifts, and more!

We Have Floral Masterpieces

Flowers are always a great Valentine’s Day gift for loved ones, which makes it one of our busiest days of the year. Even on a budget, you can find something truly remarkable like our Six Red Roses arrangement.

This includes six of the freshest and most exotic red roses you will ever see. Our Ecuadorian roses are truly something beautiful.six3

Of course, we also offer our Ecuadorian roses in a variety of other options, including a classic dozen roses or even 48 roses arranged in a vase.

We also offer a variety of less traditional rose arrangements and bouquets that are perfect for this Valentine’s Day. Feel free to check out our whole site today.

Gifts of All Kinds

six4We offer a huge variety of gifts as well — some for him and some for her.  You’ll be able to choose from a wide range of delicious and tempting Valentine’s Day goodies, such as chocolate, brownies, and even a selection of fresh fruit or gourmet food.

Browse our gifts section to see what you can include with your floral gift to that special Valentine!